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How Scotland’s “Organic Ambitions” Plan Will Shift the Future of Food and Farming

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

Next week, “Organic Ambitions: An Action Plan for organic food and farming in Scotland 2016-2020” will be unveiled in Scotland. The plan for organic food production is designed to help build a more sustainable farming future and stimulate the rural economy.

The January 27 launch will coincide with the first day of the Organic Research Center’s annual conference, being held in Bristol.

Organic Ambitions is a reboot of Organic Futures, an organic action plan produced in 2011 and revised in 2013, which was intended to strengthen Scotland’s organic food sector.

It is the work of the Scottish Organic Forum (SOF), which includes Soil Association Scotland, Scottish Organic Producers Association, Organic Growers Alliance, Caledonian Organics, Scottish Organic Milk Producers, Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society, Scotland’s Rural College, SAC Consulting, and The Scottish Government. [1]

The SOF says its goals include:

“Knowledge – Understanding the benefits that organic produce can bring to everyone and to our environment

Strength – Building a stronger Scottish organic supply chain to increase the availability of organic produce for everyone

Skills – Ensuring that everyone interested in learning about innovative organic production will have access to advice and training

Resilience – Strengthening the ability of organic farming to conserve and enhance Scotland’s biodiversity and natural resources, and in turn to build more resilient farms.” [2]

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4 comments to How Scotland’s “Organic Ambitions” Plan Will Shift the Future of Food and Farming

  • CalSailX

    More food production local, Yup… oh my god cover up that sanity before it catches!
    /end sarcasm

  • Christine

    There’s a reason for this. It’s called awakening and nobody will escape. Except multinationals. And we already can see how well they are doing. If the Tower of Babel didn’t work the first time around, what made American corporations believe they could circumvent it?

  • CalSailX

    Christine if you no longer have to go hat in hand every 8-10yrs, and prove your corporation is serving the public interest. Then a corporate officer is only beholding to his fiduciary obligations to the corporation, neglecting those obligations make him personally liable for any damages to the stockholders his actions inflict.

    When the people by law or actions, revoke the ability for a corporation to do business. Then maybe just maybe… those “people by law” called corporations will start playing nice with the rest of us. Before we the people have to put a few to death, just as an example to the rest!

    • Christine


      You’re talking about contract duration, statute of limitation for shareholders and officer’s duties in the old, very-well financed system.

      See how fast those concepts will disappear when one corporation after the other croaks. Oh, and just for kicks… see how fast “Error and Omission” and “Directors and officers” insurance coverage vanishes when insurance companies affording them coverage are declared bankrupt one after the other.

      When insurance runs out, guess who’s on the hook when verdicts are handed out?

      The entire foundation of the system of buying money today in case of having to pay money tomorrow is crumbling. Somebody with a deep pocket will have to pay. It may take 10 years or more but “ill gotten gain never prospers”.

      Get out of system, sell whatever stocks,. bonds you have and go on with your life, prepare for your tomorrow. Forget about that system.

      Money is coming back to the people. May take some time… Survive until then.

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