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How Jesuits Operate | Crete To Malta Series — Walter Veith

from Three Angels Messages:

Walter Veith speaks at the northern Maine camp meeting. This is his latest series Crete To Malta during the time period of August 25-29 2015. hat tip: Patrick

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3 comments to How Jesuits Operate | Crete To Malta Series — Walter Veith

  • At the risk of stirring up a hornet’s nest I state the following. I was raised Catholic and eventually disavowed it as I could not see the Pope as “God on earth” or even a watered down version of that notion. There is no solid history showing Saint Peter was ever in Rome. I don’t dispute there are many decent people in the Catholic church, but it isn’t likely they are in its leadership. What capped it all off for me is discovering the history of the Inquisition. The Viet Cong were mother’s milk of human kindness compared to those torturers. Additionally, biblical grounds for clergymen not marrying are questionable. It should not be questioned that certain higher-ups in this system still cling to the idea of world domination. Anyone who has followed my research knows my conclusions—the Anglican British and their USA Episcopal (and occasionally Presbyterian, Methodist and Jewish) associates are much closer to such a goal than Rome.

  • willygroper

    Thanx Sean! Another eye opener.

    You’ve been coming up with some great info lately.

    Again, Veith nails it. His research is incredible.

    I’ve been censored & poo poo’ed among other things for my disagreeing with many people’s focus on one particular group. Folks that are no doubt involved but highly visible.

    It’s that hidden hand (pun intended) one must see.

    Sun Tzu: Art of War, describes exactly what’s happening and why the comatose are so completely bewildered.

    I’ll say it again, it’s a collaborative effort.

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