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Harry Dent: A Bold Warning – Financial Meltdown Imminent

from The Alex Jones Channel:

On today’s show, economic expert Harry Dent breaks down the floundering global market and what it portends for the US dollar.

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3 comments to Harry Dent: A Bold Warning – Financial Meltdown Imminent

  • Sam

    Missing in reference to Max’s Kaiser’s full quote on Dent’s PM’s analysis, (paraphrased) Mr. Dent is wrong to compare the 1930’s monetized PM’s to the demonetized PM’s of today, there is no comparison at all to be made and therefore PM’s will not react the same then during that crash as they will during this crash.

    I agree with Max on this completely and wish Alex’s editors would have included the full Max quote for Mr. Dent to reply to…perhaps Mr. Dent would have done even more stammering and grasping for straws?

  • Rick

    sell gold for dollars?? what happens when the dollar loses reserve status? Massive devaluation of the dollar. GOLD and SILVER are insurance. Mr. Dent acts like the dollar will be around forever!

  • tomche

    Dent is a decent salesman, but has been essentially wrong abut everything…waste of time.

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