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U.S. Dollar strength masked gold’s gains against global currencies in 2015.

While gold fell against the U.S. dollar in 2015, gold hit all time highs during 2015 against some currencies, especially those dependent heavily on exporting natural resources and those experiencing political instability or currency devaluations.

Here are some charts showing gold priced in world currencies and against the dollar in 2015:

Gold vs. the United States Dollar – (down 10.5% in 2015) (down 1.8% in 2014)

The Federal Reserve’s threat to raise interest rates and the supposed strength of the U.S. economy kept the U.S. dollar strong against other currencies and gold in 2015.

gold vs us dollars december 2015

Gold vs. the Argentine Peso – (up 36.58% in 2015) (up 31% in 2014)

gold vs argentine peso december 31 2015

Gold vs. the Australian Dollar – (up 0.5% in 2015) (up 7.7% in 2014)

gold vs australian dollar december 31 205

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