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from Charlie Mcgrath:

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1 comment to GLOBAL BREAKDOWN IS NOW!! Time To Wake UP & Get Real

  • newfynew777

    a slave? ha ha..try a dead slave[s].. as in “why humanity no longer needs us”
    article in “Wired” magazine by Bill Joy,Sun Microsystems
    the elite “think” they are God..

    “if we do a good job with sterility drugs and vaccines[vaccines are something I happen to love btw..[ a convenient murder weapon enabling Gates to exterminate ALL 3rd world babies and children,and watch my big pharma stock prices,go to the stars] we can reduce that 9 billion number down to about 5 billion,but eventually this number must get down to close to zero” – Bill Gates
    [unfortunately Mr. Bill[God] obviously can’t totally wipe out humanity..Gates was obviously reluctant to say 500,000,000,for fear of being found out as being the guy that paid for the Georgia Guidestones construction and placement,pretending to be R.C. Christian possibly? David Rockefeller as R.C. Christian,another possibility..just a hunch on one knows for sure who actually paid for the GG’s,but person who did,was certainly well known Illuminati and NWO personality went by name R.C. Christian,and that is name on stones – quote above by Bill Gates was made at T.E.D. conference in 2010

    “the Georgia Guide stones Ten Commandments”

    Commandment #1 – “Maintain [global] humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”
    see GG’s in Wikipedia for other nine commandments if interested..

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