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Falcon SpaceX Rocket Lands, Then Tips Over & Blows Up

Ed. Note: Dear SpaceX, don’t fret, we’re told that this incredibly difficult technical landing procedure can be achieved safely and with men on board. In fact, it was successfully performed… on the moon. In 1969. Please call NASA and request the LEM (Lunar Excursion Modual) landing handbook. ~ SGT Report

from RT America:

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3 comments to Falcon SpaceX Rocket Lands, Then Tips Over & Blows Up

  • f16hoser

    That looked expensive…

  • Sayldog

    There’s a difference between balancing a teacup and a candle. Mount a broomstick on your hobby heli-drone and see how well it flies.

  • Rdawg

    SGT: what a snarky, childish thing to say.
    You ever build anything in your life? No, I don’t mean a chicken coop, something complex; a machine of some kind?
    We as engineers make mistakes. And we learn from them to improve. That’s why we conduct testing. That’s how it works.
    Your training is what again? Marketing?
    Keep your mouth shut on things you don’t understand.

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