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Dueling Predictions: Patrick Buchanan Versus the Mirror

from The Daily Bell:

A heartless Conservative Government was elected, Labour was defeated in Scotland and the rise of ISIS has been remorseless … Yet there are still some hopeful signs for the year ahead. Axeman George Osborne has been forced to drop some of the harshest measures he wanted to introduce, including slashing benefits for the low-paid and poor, and decimating the police, while a global deal has been agreed for combating climate change. So we can still hope for peace and more humanity in 2016. On that more cheerful note, we wish you and yours a Happy New Year. – UK Mirror

Dominant Social Theme: Things are bad but getting better thanks to various statist interventions.

Free-Market Analysis: We are sure over the next few days that the media will be filled with clamorous predictions of doom and gloom. But like this Mirror article, we will also be exposed to solutions, mostly featuring the very largest technocratic efforts.

What will be avoided is that most if not all of the major threats that the world faces have been manufactured or funded, at least to a degree, by those who now seek to reassure us that the solutions rest in the bosom of officialdom. More laws, more taxes, more regulations – all of these will be gravely expounded on with an eye toward making us realize that without bureaucracy we are nothing and can do nothing.

More from the Mirror:

The election of a heartless Conservative government hell-bent on taking apart many of the things which have made our country a beacon of tolerance, justice and compassion.

David Cameron’s general election victory was as unexpected as it is proving desperate for the majority of the country … The Tories lost no time in using their new power to attack just about everything the British people hold dear – the NHS, the legal system, the Armed Forces, social care, council services and the police.

Please note that almost everything on the Mirror‘s list involves some sort of coercion and each facility dines at the public trough. The NHS is so bad that there are serious discussions about scrapping it altogether. Council services make life miserable for millions.

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