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Cruz and Rubio Side With BLM Over Land Grab In Oregon.

from The Marshall Report:

Any Senator or Congress person, and any candidate who is saying that the Oregon defenders of the constitution are being lawless need to do a bit of homework and look at why they are standing up and what they are really fighting. They are tired of the land grab of the BLM, tired of the bully tactics, the harsh and cruel punishment for those defending their land and land rights to water and grasslands.

Both Cruz and Rubio spoke out for the ranchers to obey the BLM and follow the law. The law that has usurped the law? The truth is the lawlessness is coming from the BLM and Obama’s move to move along the sustainable development programs.

You see, the Government takeover of national reserves, parks and property is all part of the Wildlands Project of sustainable development for a 21st century new world order of the United Nations, of which past and present presidents have little by little handed the United States over to without their permission.

Lou Dobbs said it well when he shamed the media for not reporting the true facts on the events taking place in Oregon. They would rather debate on whether Obama’s tears were real or from an onion as he tries to take our guns away. Well, where are his tears for the children that were at the refuge that he ordered the FBI to go in and blast away? Where are the tears for those children Obama? While the debate of tears continues, a real trail of tears is taking place in Oregon. People getting pushed off their land just like the Cherokee were pushed when the government decided they wanted it.

Call Obama’s gun grab for what it is, a distraction perfectly timed with the events taking place in Oregon, to distract from the truth and place a false public narrative against those in Oregon so when he gives the final order for the FBI and military false flag shoot out, he can cry a few more fake tears to tell you this is what he warned about. Crazy people who possess fire arms. He will also use this as an opportunity to announce all patriots and Christians as terrorists against the regime. Then he will push another illegal gun grab to please the United Nations Agenda for a 21st century.

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