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Confirmed: Poison In Your Tap Water

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Warning= Helpful information Follows. (for intelligent people only, idiots never get it right.)

    Everybody who is on gov’t city water should get a reverse osmosis system, with a couple extra “stages” of filtration. Even if your water is GOOD right now, is no guarantee that it will remain good.

    In fact, even those of us who have our own WELLS should also get a good R/O system, ready to roll, because more and more ground water is getting contaminated from many things.

    Some things are very difficult to remove, and require very special filter media.

    Nitrates, Nitrites, Flouride, Aresenic (parts of Michigan have some very high levels of natural arsenic in the well water and some parts of India have arsenic in LETHAL doses over a fairly short period of time.)

    There actually is at least one way to reduce some of the radiation by using ZEOLITE filtration media, but I have NO idea how much radiation it may reduce, and what isotopes are unaffected by Zeolite filtering.

    Tritium is not able to be filtered because it is radioactive HYDROGEN, and water itself, is H2O. If you remove the “H” from water, you end up with pure oxygen gas and nothing to drink. (Duh)

    Swimming pool supply places sell Zeolite filtration media (is more effective than the regular sand filters), and it’s also good on the garden.

    Don’t forget “Diatomaceous Earth” is also a filtration media (not to be confused with the FOOD/Agricultural grade D.E., which is helpful in the garden, and around the house because it’s finer particle size also gets into the joints of hard bodied insects and grinds them open so they dry up and die.)

    That’s why food/agricultural grade of D.E. is GOOD for the soil and yard, it is a FOOD grade item that kills grasshoppers, crickets, FLEAS, TICKS, but is HELPFUL for digestion and helpful properties for soil, and also is used in animal feed, and they also put some into GRAIN storage silos, to prevent hard bodied insects from taking over the place.

    The difference between FILTER grade D.E., is how they process and grind it, the MESH size of the filter type D.E. is not the right one for food, gardens, or yards.

    You can also put the food/agricultural grade D.E. on your CARPETS to combat fleas.

    The only warning, it NOT to get it into your LUNGS, as it is an irritant & contains silica (which is BAD BAD for breathing.)

  • oneno

    Reverse Osmosis is definitely good. But I would opt for the McCanney Gravity Water Filters as the least costly option. The ceramic filter element are NSF component certified. Also the filters are washable and re-useable for many years. The slime build-up on the exterior of the filter can be removed easily with a new fiber dish washing pad using warm water alone. Two freshly cleaned elements can filter 18L of water in approx. two hours.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      I actually have a couple of the ceramic cylinder filters that can be used in a gravity setup, and yes, they look like a sex toy.

      I also have a reverse osmosis system, in storage, waiting to install when I feel like doing so.
      (And a “permeate pump”, which works by using the water pressure in your home’s system, to increase the efficiency of the R/O membrane so you waste less “by pass” water.)

      I already have a standard water filter cartridge for the bathroom sinks, and I also put a couple of SILVER QUARTERS into each canister so the silver ions help to kill bacteria for as long as the silver is in there.

      It’s a trick that used to be used by settlers, they’d throw a few silver (I wonder if copper coins were helpful too?), anyway, the silver coins in the water barrel, helped to keep the water from going bad so quickly.

      So I also threw a couple of silver quarters into the toilet tank, hoping to help keep the bowl a bit “self disinfected”. (Some toilet manufacturers, are actually using some anti-bacterial powdered metals in the ceramic GLAZE of the entire bowl & tank, exactly a forever disinfecting action.

      As for the ceramic filters you mention, they cannot separate water and contaminants like the R/O system does.

      Much of the VOC’s are removed with the R/O, but not the ceramics.

      So, if you can afford the $100 or so, for the R/O system, it will produce a very clean, LESS cancer chemicals. (Good PRE filtration is needed to prevent the R/O membrane from getting clogged up.)

      There are youtube demonstrations and explanations on how to build a biological SAND filter for making safe drinking water, for the house, or an entire village, but it won’t do anything for VOC’s.

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