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China Nuclear Explosion to Kick Off Uranium Boom

from Outsider Club:

China is about to blow the hinges off the nuclear energy and uranium markets.

This is more fact than speculation.

Here is a headline from today — January 27th, 2016:

Yes, in China’s most recent five-year plan, details of which are emerging now, it is aiming to build 40 nuclear power plants in the next five years.

Right now — at this very moment — China requires 8,161 metric tons of uranium annually. That’s 17.9 million pounds. A full 12% of global demand.

Global demand, by the way, that already outstrips global supply. According to the World Nuclear Association, world uranium requirements in 2015 totaled 66,883 metric tons, or 147.45 million pounds.

But in 2014 the world only mined 56,252 metric tons (124 million pounds).

And because of the sustained low price of uranium since 2011, I assure you no more than that was mined in 2015.

So a mined supply shortage already exists in the amount of 10,631 metric tons (23.4 million pounds)

The difference is made up on stockpiles that are now being burned through.

But with China doubling its demand by 2020, and Japanese reactors coming online, a material shortfall is expected to emerge sooner than later.

The World Nuclear Association says one will exist by 2019:

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