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China is Imploding the World Economy

from VictoryIndependence:

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2 comments to China is Imploding the World Economy

  • Windrunner56

    I like Daniel’s info, always. BUT, this time I am not sure.

    The great Jim Willie has said repeatedly that CHINA has NO foreign debt. That is to say that they do not have any money borrowed from other countries, their debt is National. They have reserves. The USA, has done so (borrowed) ad nauseum.

    It is believed that these “Ghost Cities” were built using US Treasuries that they hold, that they needed to do something with the paper. If this is true, and the world economy goes boom, rather than worthless paper, they would still hold infrastructure.

    Don’t sell short the Chinese model. Just a thought.

    And, they have been busy building alliances with Russia, Iran, India, South America, Africa, and Germany to name a few.

    The USA….who’s next? We got bombs!!!

    • Christine

      Agreed. The hype over China, Russia and Iran economies when we don’t have a clue about how much gold those countries hold while knowing full well that:

      1) The US don’t have any (other than what was stolen from Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, etc.) and even then, we don’t know if it made it to the Fed or is stashed into some private hands;
      2) True, those countries do not have exterior debt. And Russia and China have been dumping treasuries like there’s no tomorrow!

      Wait a minute… there is no tomorrow. Not for US. Not without Disclosure.

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