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Chemtrails: “It’s about carbon credits, carbon taxes, carbon black dust and sulfuric acid” — Jim Lee

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There is a war going on over our heads. It’s a weather war. More specifically, it’s a war on humanity. The geoengineering agenda is now the worst kept secret of the deep state. Dane Wigington has been all over this issue, exposing the horrible truth for years now. Our friend David Dees has been dedicating much of his original artwork to waking people up to the issue as well. Take a look at the incredible photos David has taken of skies above his own home (below).

But in a brand new hard-hitting video commentary from researcher and activist Jim Lee, the hardcore ugly truth about geoengineering is laid bare.

Lee explains that at the heart of geoengineering and “chemtrails” is JP8 fuel doped with sulfur with the “official” stated purpose being to “cool the planet”. But of course the true nature of this globalist agenda is far worse – and as usual, centers around greed and control. Lee says,

It’s about carbon credits, carbon taxes, carbon black dust and sulfuric acid – and it all comes from the jet fuel.

In a desperate call for an awakening of the masses and other activists, an exasperated Lee concludes:

I don’t want my daughter to grow up in a world where men control the global thermostat by spraying chemicals all over the fricken planet. I really hope that people will grow up, get educated and get motivated to do something about it. Because I don’t want me daughter to grow up in this f#cked up world.

Here’s that new, must hear Geoengineering/Chemtrail report from Jim Lee:

And here are some of the photos taken by SGT Report contributor and political artist David Dees…

[Our thanks to for hosting these pictures.]

To see more of his work, link here: David Dees’ Website.

And here’s the latest SGT Report interview with Dane Wigington on the troubling subject:

Dane Wigington, founder of Geoengineering Watch joins me for an hour long interview about one of the most critical issues facing humanity, geoengineering and the destruction of our environment. Please share this information and take a stand. Our very lives depend on it.

On HAARP, Geoengineering and California: “Not only is California a target, it’s likely that California is a climate sacrifice zone… on the current course, if we stay on this course, mathematically speaking everyone goes down. On the current trajectory, nothing lives. We must change course.” – Dane Wigington

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34 comments to Chemtrails: “It’s about carbon credits, carbon taxes, carbon black dust and sulfuric acid” — Jim Lee

  • al w.

    If you want to stop Geoengineering, go to They have discovered devices that WILL clear the sky over your community. THIS IS THE ANSWER. I made one of these devices and it clears the sky and brought back the rain. If you don’t make some of these devices you will never know what a clear sky looks like. PLEASE take action.

    Thanks Al.

  • Timco

    I’ll certainly do that Al. I love a deep blue sky. If it works, I’d like to mass produce them. And by the way, I’m still interested in a demo of your free energy generator.

  • al

    Timco you must have me confused with someone else. Al.

  • Brian

    Al is correct. They are called Chem busters. It is orgone energy. Put “Wilhelm Reich, orgone energy to learn of the man who invented it. We can clean up our own skies. orgoneproducts dot org has some examples for those who do not have time to make their own. Take the power back.

  • AgShaman

    makes me sick

    Thanks for the podcast

  • al

    Thank you Brian. The device I built is a 33 gallon water based orgone devive. Very powerful. Al

  • Timco

    I did go to orgoneproducts dot org and look at the products for sale. One immediate benefit I realized was laughter. It made me laugh, which is something we all need to do. It’s a stress reliever. Thank you.

    • Christine


      I first noticed those chemtrails in… 2006 and only because someone already aware of them pointed them to me. And I became obsessed and I saw them all the time. I did a lot of research and I was flabbergasted, at about that time, when I saw (again) the movie Rain Man (1988), to see chemtrails in the sky, in the scene where Tom Cruise is testing Dustin Hoffman’s cheating potential with the deck of cards on the hood of his car, in the Nevada desert. The movie dates from 1988 for Pete’s sake!

      I did a lot of research. A lot! And I came across “Chem busters”. The pail with the concrete and the four copper tubing sounded funny but… I’ve always wanted to test it for myself. Hard to do while living with someone who’s holding ready the tin-foil hat every time you open your mouth. I never got to testing it: I don’t like loud confrontation and being made to feel this small isn’t high on my list of pleasures.

      I believe you live not far from me, somewhere in Ohio.

      Would you be willing to give it a shot? The whole thing shouldn’t be more than $50 and I’m good for the money. I’m just not good at making concrete. I have a pail and Loews is next door.

      If yes, your yard or mine? I’ve been dying to try it! I’m dead serious too. If this kind of website doesn’t put people together to experiment, Internet has no use for me.

      • Timco

        I have no objection to trying an experiment, but I see no empirical data or evidence to support the chem busters claims. Understanding science, and knowing what components comprise the chem buster, I feel it is a joke, meant to extract money from your wallet or purse. There is an old engineering phase “In God we trust, all others must bring data”. Show me the proof guys.

        • Christine

          Man of little faith… 🙂

          Think about it this way: 10 years ago, if anyone had told you that those white things in the sky were not contrails but intentional chemical trails, would you have believe it? In order for anyone to gather data, experiments have to be conducted first, wouldn’t you say? And remember how much colloidal silver was discredited as pseudo-medicine, until reports of China, Russia and even NASA using them became so widespread.

          That’s ok. I’ll find my partner in crime elsewhere. What have I got to lose? Maybe $30. Or even less, since copper has become so cheap. And a couple of hours of solid fun.

  • Rodster

    Thanks Sean, you need to bring back Dane. Also Climate Scientist David Keith is proposing the exact same thing while the climate change nut jobs are in denial over the real issue.

  • Kevin

    I have seen them shaped like a “U”. How often do planes have to make a U-turn? Also, I have seen gaps. I have seen short and them horizon to horizon.

    But, I have a question. The aviation industry is very regulated. Every little rivet is recorded. How do they install the equipment for this without there being a record of it?

    • jerry

      there is records and even patents do your research

      • Kevin

        I am not the one that needs to be convinced. If there are records, they need to be published. I have not seen that. That would end the debate right there.

        • SGT

          According to Jim Lee: “it all comes from the jet fuel.“

          • Kevin

            I was going by the information I heard else ware that it was being sprayed from special nozzles, which would explain them being turned off and on.

            • AgShaman

              There’s nothing special about nozzles. They could be added anywhere.

              If you wanted to have the ability to do compressor washes without the old style manual feed of the soap….you install the nozzles at the front of your engine and allow the air being sucked by the intake to ‘draw’ the soap in.

              If you want the mixture added to the fuel…you put the nozzles at the other end of your engine, in the combustion section, where you have a bank (manifold)of both start and main fuel nozzles spraying finely misted fuel into the burner can.

              It’s really not as complex as people think.

              The hardest part is the space needed for the tanks, whereby you would need to mount your load of “special brew”. The solenoids, pumps, switches, and wiring (behind the nozzles in the system) would be quite easy after you cleared the room.

              If you’ve ever done jobs retrofitting aircraft for the military, they are teams of mechs and techs working for private firms, installing all different sorts of packages, in a great myriad of systems and end solutions. Non-disclosure policies get signed before the work commences.

              These “packages” are beyond the “skill sets” of military joe-six packs. They would not have any idea of what was done to the aircraft or what anything was installed for.

          • al

            SGT. has the answer to Geoengineering. Al

        • Rodster

          There are Government records Dane Wigington has posted which includes a 1966 Dept of Defense report stating these programs were in effect since the late 1940’s and a MASSIVE 1978 US Senate report which is around 785 pages long where the Govt admits to Geoengineering and it shows Govt’s around the world part of this program. It’s all on Dane’s website.

    • Christine


      Aviation is definitely regulated… for what “commercial flights” are concerned. The planes spewing chemtrails are not commercial. They are M.I.C.C. planes (Military Industrial Congressional Complex). They are beyond FOIA reach and above any governmental agency. They answer to no one and even when FAA spots them on radars, there they are, period.

      You need to do some research. Start with this. It will give you an idea of the technology involved.

      It is all compliments of ignorant taxpayers voluntarily participating and funding it and heavily subsidized by… narcotics money. And countries’ gold stolen during our endless wars.

  • John

    I never comment on these sites but I feel I need to give my two cents on this one. I worked in the military and civilian aviation industry for over 27 years. I’ve been a pilot, a mechanic and even a fixed base operator. I have never seen any evidence of spray devices on any of the aircraft I have come in contact with. It would be impossible to keep something like that under raps. The pilots and mechanics know every inch of these aircraft.

    I also don’t believe it’s possible to get the coverage that we see unless a large portion of the commercial fleet is participating. That’s why I’ve always believed it was in the fuel. Jim Lee is the first person I’ve seen that shows the evidence.

    The “U-turns” are probably the result of normal traffic holding patterns. The contrails will only form if the temperatures are low enough. If the aircraft is flying through different layers of air temperature that could explain why we only see part of the pattern.

  • newfynew777

    after 10 years watching us being openly attacked by Satan and his earthly minions,from so,so many different directions/angles [nearly 6-8 hours per newest addiction in a life,a like chauked full of endless addictions[drugs,sex,rock and roll,more sex] but always 100% faith in a higher power and purpose,I’ve come to the conclusion if we do not shut down the Zionist banksters immediately[EVERYTHING ALWAYS leads back to the money/currency,and who controls it,as the choir well knows],who are issuing and controlling the phony counterfeit dollar currency [since 1913] made to infinity out of nothing but thin air,
    allowing Satan’s minion’s to continue to destroy the planet through these evil,wicked,and obviously satanic programs..there is now no where else to turn,but to the creator and Jesus Christ’s word in the book of life,the holy bible..NOW is the time to get right with the father and son,if in fact you are a believer..too bad there are the worst of the worst of Satan’s minions..aka..public “DISINFORMATION AGENTS” like proclaimed atheist Michael Rivero [as well as Alex Jones] and his website “What Really”..Jones website is truth and 5% lies,or simply lying by omission,and certainly there are others[Rebekah Roth,Methodical Illusion and “Methodical Deception”[pun intended]aka Monica Gainor of the Phix Your Health talk radio show[ her health show was promptly shelved by Mike Adam’s once she was exposed by Jim Fetzer as a fraud] btw.. “Rebekah” thanks “Phix your Health” in the back of her 2 books for giving her the energy products that gave her such incredible new found energy to be able to write the 2 books[and supposedly working on a 3rtd the other 2 sold so well] ..uh hmm…Roth’s connection to “Phix Your Health” is surely just a co-incidence” NOT…back to the What Really Happened charade/circus…
    Rivero “supposedly” believes and promotes the ridiculous and preposterous official government story of a 757 flying into the Pentagon on 9-11, absolutely denies Chemtrails and immediately hangs up on anyone calling in to discuss either Chemtrails or the Perntagon on 9-11,and IMHO therefore leading his 5,000 listeners[sheeple] down the “95% truth,5% lies,disinformation and lies mixed with truth” pied piper path,
    and thereby helping this satanic destruction of the earth per his 3 hr daily M-F WRH radio show and WRH website..remember Rivero is a devout ATHEIST,and believes this life is it..your life on earth is your one and only one life,then you die,and rot into the earth as garden compost,and therefore the very reason why the rulers feel free to do as they please,because they have no fear of the lord[and therefore they possess NO WISDOM OR TRUTH either obviously] no fear of punishment or retribution by the creator,because after their physical death it is over..THE END..this makes no sense[according to my belief system anyway] and totally contradicts why we are here on earth in the first place..remember too that the human soul connected to each and every human being is electrical energy THAT CAN NOT BE DESTROYED per scientific fact[even after death of the human shell]..then also there in lies the spiritual aspect of life..I always have 2 short,to the point,rebuttals to Darwinism/”Darwinian evolution”#1 – where did the drop of water come from that began the cycle of life?[Mike R.?],and #2 – if evolution is in fact the truth,why haven’t monkeys,apes,Orangutans at the Zoo evolved into humans?”


    “God will destroy the atmospheric and stellar heavens but not the place of His headquarters. But God the creator will destroy both the atmospheric and stellar heavens, where Satan lives. Ephesians 6:12 indicates that Satan,who is the God “of this dark world,” and his emissaries are performing spiritual wickedness in heavenly realms. Therefore, after the final rebellion of Satan, God will destroy this earth that is so marred and cursed by Satan’s evil. He will include the atmospheric heaven and stellar heavens to guarantee that all semblance of evil has been cleared away (Rev 20:11; 21:1; 2 Peter 3:10-12; Isa 34:4)
    fear not my friends as God will give us a new world which Christ will rule over while Satan is chained up for 1,000 years..I’m not by any means stopping[nor can I] the exposure of the Luciferians destroying this earth..

    as a footnote:
    it was exactly 41 degrees yesterday here in central Ohio and we received 1.5 inches of not rain,but snow..

  • Dissolution

    I’ve mentioned this before, and it doesn’t seem to have caught much traction or garnered any response, but here goes again:

    Cloud seeding is done with silver iodide. Silver iodide is made my mixing something like potassium iodide and silver nitrate. Silver nitrate is made by dissolving silver in nitric acid.

    I know that a majority of stratospheric aerosols are not for the purposes of creating rain, but still can’t help but wonder how “strategic” silver is in all of this. And remember those “strategic stockpiles” of silver that went ‘poof’?

  • I am not sure about chem trails seems strange to me all the crazy patterns and all.i don’t remember the sky looking like that as a kid growing up at all i am 41 now.I think it’s possible but I can’t grasp that the pilots would knowingly spray poison in the air with his or her own family down there ya know. anyway if you ever listen to WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM MIKE RIVERO he laughs at the very concept of chem trails to the point that if someone calls his show with this he will pretty much hang up on them. and he is one of the great truth tellers and a very smart man WHY? just like ANDY HOFFMAN and GERALD CELENTE if you start talking about 911 truth sandyhook to these guys they look for the back door fast!these guys don’t want any part of that conversation WHY? maybe it’s their own COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!

    • AgShaman

      They hire pilots without families….that don’t care about the genocide they are promoting.

      Dane said it in the podcast. These nunces involved sold out for a paycheck and a pension

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