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Central Banks Fear Economic Collapse

from Fabian4Liberty:

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6 comments to Central Banks Fear Economic Collapse

  • tomche

    That was the 1st vid in quite some time (from you) that I was able to take all the way through, good job.
    You covered a lot of ground, but I’d like to highlight 2 points. 1 which you made – and I agree – and the second, really a comment.

    You think that this collapse will be a prolonged, “downward spiral” (my words), an extended event lasting until perhaps 2017. I Agree!
    In that the globalists want to wring out as much money and wealth as possible. They don’t want to just take the cloths out of the wash as drop them there to dry. No. They want to take out the cloths and slowly, squeeze and wring out as much water (wealth) as they can….so this “collapse” will be prolonged to extract as much wealth as possible.

    Central banks are the 3rd plank of the communist manifesto. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this document, I highly suggest reading it… It will blow you away. A couple of other tenants already in place are: the replacement of real money – gold and silver – with paper money, and (2) the destruction of the nuclear family… by getting women to think that they were, in essence, slaves, and now they are “set free” by the “women’s liberation movement” (funded by the Rockefeller’s). So much more to read in this Karl Marx manifesto that is utterly amazing…

    • Christine


      If you haven’t seen this, maybe you should. This woman was very much involved in the systematic dumbing down of America via public education, which she states started in the 60s. As everything else, it didn’t happen in a vacuum and there was a deliberate method and goal behind it. Interestingly, she refers to bolchevism as the root of it all and implies that it is not an American phenomenon but a multi-country one.

      She wrote a book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America which is freely available on internet here, which contains a serious paper trail:

      Here is her bio. Of note, she was part of the first Reagan Administration.

      • Christine


        Bank participated enormously in the dumbing down when money coming from school districts and controlled by localities was replaced by “grants” coming from the top and subject to specific guidelines to be followed. Schools which didn’t lost their grants. Reminds you of anything?

        Following is an excerpt of the book mentioned above. For the past 30 years, the deliberate intent was to create an education system “one size fits all” (a concept very wide-spread in the American lifestyle) and sacrifice genius for mediocrity which would be controllable, manageable and predictable.

        Jay S. Hammond the following statements were made in regard to mastery learning and direct
        instruction (highly structured learning activities):

        It has been determined that in the learning of specific skills and factual data that it is possible to enhance achievement by using the approach of mastery learning, wherein instructional
        objectives are clearly defined—and instructional activities are tied directly to objectives. It has been demonstrated that direct instruction—highly structured learning activity—is effective
        with certain groups of students. These approaches will assist students with low achievement
        to move closer to the current mean or average. Yet, a highly structured system of instruction
        applied to everyone may in fact impede the progress of those students achieving at a level above the current mean or average. The result is that, while variance (or the spread of scores from the mean) is reduced, there is a reduction in both directions. Low achievers may move closer to the mean, but high achievers may well do likewise. The examples presented above regarding achievement may well apply to the operation of schools. If effective schooling practices are too narrow and a rigid system results, variance among districts will be reduced, but the limiting of creativity and the limiting of schools in their ability to adapt to local circumstances will cause reduction in variance from both above and below the mean or average. (pp. 38–39)

        [Ed. Note: The introduction to this report which stated: “As part of the Task Force effort several
        studies were conducted by Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory under contract with the
        (Alaska) Department of Education,” should explain to the reader that the U.S. Department of
        Education has funded—and continues to fund—mastery learning and direct instruction programs
        even in the face of evaluative evidence that strongly suggests that average and above
        average students do not benefit from such educational approaches.]”

        • tomche


          Thanks and yes I’ve seen that VID. I Am very keen and aware of the deliberate dumbing down of our nation – and have commented on it several times here at SGT for various reasons. All these pieces, the dumbing down of our people, the rise of central banks, central planning, the evisceration of the family unit, the abolition of private property (not yet fully realized in the USSA but well on it’s way), a highly progressive income tax, abolishing the rights of inheritance (Now we have the inheritance tax, unconstitutional and the 1st step), Labor control (an example comes from the Labor Department’s policies in the area of Affirmative Action, which forces private businesses to adhere to a staff-quota consisting of minorities, women, and people with disabilities. This mandate imposes a blatant confiscation of individual rights, as it ties the hands of business owners who desire to hire employees based on merit, not on the color of their skin or other characteristics), nationalized education (Common core), nationalized medicine (Obamacare). Among the remaining tenets propagated in the Communist Manifesto — government ownership of factories, combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, centralized control of transportation and communication, and the confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels… you can see, we are mostly there already.

          In Obama’s infamous words: “Change has come to Amerika”

      • tomche

        I have and she is brilliant.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Interesting point about the Communist Manifesto strategy, (destroy real money, move into a FIAT system).

    And now, RUSSIA & China are quietly moving into a GOLD (& silver?) money system in the not too distant future, and the West stays in the FIAT, it appears that China & Russia are going to be the TRUE capital markets while USA & Europe are true communists (and have been on that road ever since 1913.)

    Thank God at least China are Russia are doing SOME of the right things while DUHmerikka goes down the Krapper.

    Richard Nixon finished the job of killing America in 1971 when he closed “the Gold Window”, but in reality, it had been dead ever since 1933 and the final nails in the coffin were hammered into position with the elimination of JFK and Johnson revoked silver coinage at the end of 1964.

    Keep stackin’ those PM’s, and we have a chance to bring some HONESTY back into our money.

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