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Bitcoin is Succeeding, Taking Over Gold’s Market Share – Trace Mayer Interview

from CrushTheStreet:

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67 comments to Bitcoin is Succeeding, Taking Over Gold’s Market Share – Trace Mayer Interview

  • Sud

    So Bitcoin is about competing with Gold/Silver?

    Initially they talked about being alternative and competitive to US Dollar or Central banking currencies.

    If Bitcoin is about Currency then they should have started with Iceland or small countries which do not have its own currency.

    Something is not smelling good with Bitcoin.

    • fonestar

      What are you talking about? Bitcoin is the greatest thing ever.

      • Eric

        Is it better than sliced toast?

        Cuz that baguette I ate was crispy goodness.

        • fonestar

          Anybody who says that Bitcoin “is not real” belongs back in the BC (not AD) period of history. Because they really are that stupid. And I’ve followed Trace for years, he’s a sharp guy… sharper than 90% of the people commenting here and on ZH I’d wager.

      • Pardon me, I thought that in concept, the resurrection of the dead will be “the greatest thing ever,” only from what I read, some will be better off if they could stay dead. In an Internet crash or power grid failure, EMP attack—how does Bitcoin function? Can a firefly be commandeered to serve as a Bitcoin “wallet?”

        • Eric

          I used to catch fireflies in a jar on my cousins farm when I was a kid. They were far more useful as a ‘nite lite’ than bitcoin.

        • fonestar

          Actually, the blockchain does not need the internet that we are using now. It can also be broadcast from satellite systems and terrestrial radio towers too. And the blockchain is engraved in different formats all across the world. Until you study Bitcoin, it is difficult to wrap your head around how advanced this system is.

          • Eric

            Does the blockchain require fools to exchange their hard earned labor for worthless digital blips that can’t be used to acquire food or fuel or anything else they need on a regular basis?

            I was just wondering because I can go easily buy 2-3 bananas with a silver dime. And that silver dime has been a store of value ever since it was minted.

          • According to the 1994 Who’s Who in America, page 1912, Robert H. Knight, Pilgrims Society, was a member of the International Satellite Arbitration Panel from 1971 to 1991. He chaired the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1977-1983. These Pilgrims can do anything with satellites they want to do. You have nowhere to turn pal. Knight had ancestry from a line related to J.P. Morgan Senior (Pilgrims Society).

      • Kevin

        There you are. We wondered if you got lost trolling over at zerohedge.

  • At 20:20 to 20:28 he says the European Union refused to place a VAT on Bitcoin. Yet, they have VAT on precious metals. Same thing he says happened in England. Which “currency” are the powers that be promoting? Whether it’s fraudulent ETFs, phony metals storage (Morgan Stanley) or anything else—face it—any diversion away from precious metals—is a ploy of TPTB to delay the remonetization of PM’s. The way this character depicts things, we have no need going forward for precious metals as money! To cap it all off, at 20:49, he says he gave a lecture in New York at the British Consulate. The British Consul General in New York is on the list of “always member of The Pilgrims Society” (fiat money creators) see start page of on THAT item. I’d be interested in Mister Mayer refuting, point by point, “Pilgrims Society Takeover of Bitcoin,” released in January 2015


    Charles Savoie • 2 days ago

    After I released “Pilgrims Society Takeover of Bitcoin” in January 2015, several sites that were featuring my research dropped coverage. Coincidence, or other issue? No one has challenged my documentation. http://www.silvermarketnewsonl
    During the closing decade and a half of gold and silver price suppression, it was predictable that the price managers would concoct artifices for the objective of extending their control. Accordingly, since too many investors grew wary of COMEX PM call options that always expired out of the money, exchange traded funds were connived to add life to the rig job. These also vitiated the mining industry to a real extent. Finally came Bitcoin, the proof being Matt Mellon II taking over a leadership role as documented in the link. While his great uncle, Andrew Mellon, was a three term Treasury Secretary, he cheated USA silver miners out of $14 million by violating the terms of the Pittman Act of 1918, and his Supreme Court cronies validated his illegal actions. Absent Bitcoin, gold and silver prices would have broken free of restraints several years ago. All is as planned. Secretary Mellon, whose fortune was “equal to the entire value of all the property in the State of Texas” (Congressman Wright Patman, 1932) and the $29 trillion Bank of New York Mellon bears his family name. As of 1934, Mellon was on the executive committee of the USA branch of The Pilgrims Society, sponsored by the Crown of England. PM only aficionados are not running around in a library hunting for an old style manual card catalog, and we aren’t recommending people live without refrigeration. We do however recognize fraudulent money and spurious schemes when they appear. Congressman Patman later turned and supported the Silver Users Association.

    The Daily Bell Mod > Charles Savoie • 2 days ago


    • John Pallyswine

      We all agree with you Sir but the Pilgrims control everything important and they will see to it that Bitcon will be big and it will see a $1000 or more before ultimately crashing when another Pilgrim member will tell the public that it is worthless ( by 2021 ). Until that time it will do well.

      When will silver and gold do well? I am sad to say I do not see the day when silver will hit a $1,000. Maybe $50. The power of the Pilgrims is so great it permeates through everything.

  • Eric

    Except its not real and I cant touch it. Sick of mining shares too.

    • fonestar

      It sounds like you don’t have a clue what “real” is. A sad commentary about where some people are still in the 21st Century.

      • Eric

        Oh tell me wise one what is real.

      • John Pallyswine

        For this “virtual” currency to be real, it needs the belief and readily acceptance and tangibility. There is nothing tangible about this FRAUD!!. Sad that when this madness ends, people will get burned as the PILGRIMS want!! A satanic Anglo establishment.

        Their plans are for us to live in North Korea while they drink red wine in Paris

        • Eric

          Kissinger is an Anglo? I think not.

          • John Pallyswine

            Your waSSp friend Rockefeller is! Kissinger’s boss

          • Yes Kissinger has been a member since at least 1974 and more recently became a VP of the secret society. Their by laws make reference to “and others prominent for their sympathy with the aims of the Society.” Sarwar Kashmeri, a Pakistani, became a member sometime in the last decade. Casimir De Rham, listed in their necrology list for 1969, descended from the original Swiss Consul General in New York in the 1820s. Jean Ulyxes Koree, a Romanian, became a member. There are many other examples.

  • Eric

    Transfer value?

    What a salesman. No value in Bitcoin. Just price!

    • thinking outside the matrix

      That’s like saying there’s no value in the internet, lol. We have been pushed into the digital age and unfortunately I don’t think that many will be willing to turn back. Bitcoin is a ledger and a metric of accounting. To me it makes whole lot of sense why the Elite are headed in this direction. If you want a one world government centrally controlled then you have to have a sophisticated way of accounting. Trust me the accounting that is going on now is pretty off.

      • Eric

        Why would I want a “one world government centrally controlled?”

        I’d rather have a ‘store of value.’

        The internet has value.

        Digital currency backed by nothing doesn’t.

        • thinking outside the matrix

          Can I have all the money in your bank account since they’re just 1s and 0s? I’m sure you don’t need them, lol

          • Eric

            There is no money in my bank account.

            Gold is a store of value.

            Got any Gold?

            • thinking outside the matrix

              Wow, $0 in your bank account. You are either truly broke or very hard core in your belief sys. Good luck my friend. I intellectually understand that systems and protocols of accounting have value. Things that are digital can provide value. Our entire banking system is almost digital and even if I don’t like that or endorse it I know that other do and it provides value to them. I know Kindle makes tons of money off downloadable books and that’s nothing more than 1s and 0s. I also know this website is nothing more than 1s and 0s and provides a tremendous value to the alternative community. I can think of numerous examples of the things that are digital that people want and pay lots of money for. But think just because something is digital it is not of value could not be further from the truth. Gold and Silver use to be money but unfortunately it does not fit the requirements for a store value at this time. Trust me I have plenty but I’m smart enough to know that it’s being heavily manipulated and there is a chance that it will continue to be heavily manipulated for an extended period of time. In the mean time I will do what is best for me and let people do what is best for them.

              • Eric

                I said there is no “money” in my bank account. Gold is money. Can I deposit gold into my bank account? I think not.

                I have plenty of real money (gold and silver) as well as fiat currency.

                I don’t believe. I know.

                Digital blips do not equal value. Only perceived value.

                You might not think Gold is not a store of value at this time just because they manipulate the price, but the Gold doesn’t change. The currency does.

                This website provides value because of the people behind it and the people that come here. It’s not the 1’s and 0’s.

                Kindle makes CURRENCY but it’s not because of the 1’s and 0’s. It’s because of the books and service it provides.

                For someone who thinks they are outside of the matrix, you sure are jacked into it pretty deep still.

          • Eric

            Come back and ask me when the price of bitcoin discovered by the free market is its true intrinsic value…zero.

            • fonestar

              The market already is assigning Bitcoin a dollar value you dumb shit. What do you think the exchanges are doing every day? And it’s people of your mental capacity that are claiming to lead us into some new financial system out of the fiat desert? What a crock of shit….

              • John Pallyswine

                Eric is correct.

                Bitcoin is so worthless. Even a tulip about to wither has more value.

                We are witnessing the digital version of the Dutch tulip madness.

                My fear is what are they planning next.

              • Eric

                phoneystar – It’s people with my mental capacity that keep exposing your ponzi scheme.

                I said it’s “true INTRINSIC value…zero.”

                Learn to read.

  • karate kid

    bitcoin is worthless

    0s and 1s\

    gold is gold

    to compare the 2 is not even worth watching video

    its so funny anyone puts worth in dollars or bitcoin

    gold at the end of the day will be the only one standing

    please buy bitcoin ha ha

  • KRELL427

    I guess we’ll have to watch this play out,and see who owns what when the music stops to settle this once and for all. I for one am glad bitcoin came around and diverted billions of dollars away from physical gold and silver market so I was able to accumulate far more than I could have imagined.It is also highly suspicious that bitcoin uses the term mining and they are trying to compete with gold. I smell a bankster scam. I sleep very well at night knowing my physical metals have no counterparty risks.Time will tell.

  • KRELL427

    Check out an article from 9 hours ago, “Is bitcoins’s promise going up in smoke”. I am not able to post it right now.

  • Warp

    Bitcoin is for suckers as a store of value.

    As a means of transmitting funds, it’s becoming less valuable every day.

    When the building is on fire, all the exits will be blocked.

  • Tim

    I need some BLOCKCHAIN ……..apparently

  • KRELL427

    Chinese Bitcoin miners control more than 50% of the currency-creation capacity and are connected to the rest of the Bitcoin ecosystem through the Great Firewall of China. This slows down the entire system because, as Hearn explained, it is the equivalent of a bad hotel WiFi connection. It also gives the People’s Army a strategic vantage point over a global currency.

    The Bitcoin distributed network can process only a handful of transactions per second. That causes unpredictable transaction-resolution times and other behaviors that one really does not want as part of a monetary system. Bitcoin fees can, at peak times, exceed credit-card fees, for example.

    As if all this weren’t bad enough, the Bitcoin community appears to be engaged in open civil war. Its members have been censoring debates and attacking each other’s servers. A tiny committee of five core developers that controls the Bitcoin codebase has become the Star Chamber that guides the future of Bitcoin.

  • steelerdude

    Fonestar is the only one that has pom-poms and a cheerleading outfit on…

    Fonestar, I think you need to sit back and really REALLY take a look at what your cheerleading about…bitcoin is an investment scam…bottom line, its not real.

  • E.

    Fone = phony. People used to navigate by the stars.

  • Silver Shield

    All things will be revealed.
    Trace says Bitcoin is versus gold and silver not versus banks
    Blythe Masters of JPM silver infamy is now working at Bitcoin’s Digital Asset Holdings in Tel Aviv
    Citibank and IBM are creating CitiCoin
    Ben Bernanke endorses Bitcoin.
    Bill Gates endorses Bitcoin.
    The criminal Elite would LOVE to have a mark of the beast one world digital fiat currency.

    I will only trust, use and store my wealth in silver.

  • E.

    Ergo: bitcoin is a fonestar.

  • Gnostic


    PS- In Tel Aviv not Saudi? Hmmm Interesting.

  • windrunner56

    Well I read all of the above comments. Quite a battle you have dug your self into, Fonestar. As I have stated before on this subject, I read all the comments on ZH when all those condemned Fonestar, and he stoked the fire to keep the comments coming. Well that is happening here now.

    All I know is this: I own Silver, lots. I bought when it was higher than today, so I am underwater. Am I selling…NO. Not a chance.

    I own Gold. Not as much, but enuf. As I look this morning, I am up $150.00 per ounce (Canadian) because Gold is up against OUR dollar. So I am good here. And this morning our Bank of Canada Crook, Steven Poloz announced no change to the bank rate (0.5%) which shocked……no one.

    I also own Bitcoin. I put money into it that I could lose, as I have a wide scope of protectionism. That is, to diversify to protect my family. Cover all angles So what the hell. As I speak, Bitcoin sits at $601.00 Canadian, I paid between $250.00 and $500.00. So I am good here.

    I own fiat. And I keep that NOT in a bank. Not a fricking chance.

    All the prep stuff…..I am good.

    So no matter what you think of Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Guns, ammo, fiat, it doesn’t matter. to each his/her own. Just get prepared and quit fighting.

    Silver Shield this is for you. I was in my local Gold & Silver outlet last week to make a purchase. I saw your coins there. So congrats, you have spread to Alberta Canada. Good on yah…

    • Kevin

      Great comments windrunner56. I feel the same way. I did some reading on BTC and checked out Coinbase. I have some play money in BTC to diversify. If BTC is the next big thing planned by the money mafia, then it will go higher barring some kind of deus ex machina event. I’m betting Blockchain will do to banking what the internet did for computers. If we are due for a financial reset/revolution based on technology, then I believe Blockchain will play a part.

      I still believe in Ag/Au for the long term and have positioned myself accordingly. But in the meantime, if you see a wave that looks good, surf it.

      • Diversify, diversify.

        Spot on, windrunner and Kevin. Couldn’t agree more. Even if you don’t believe in the decentralized vision of crypto or have reservations about the underlying technology, use it as a more “ethical equity;” take some coin profits off the table and put it into gold/silver. With companies like Provident Metals and Amagi and services like BitGold, this is easier than ever.

        Have you guys considered diversifying your crypto holdings as well? There are some altcoins doing really fascinating things; more of a gamble in terms of price than anything, but I support them solely due to ideological reasons.

        • windrunner56

          Not really. Looked at Quark for a while (Bill Still was plugging it) looked at Maxcoin (Max Keiser was plugging it), there was a lot of hoopla over altcoins, but I do believe BTC is the place to hang your hat as far as cryptos go. Yes Bernanke, Gates say it is good, Yes Blythe Masters is in the fray, yes Hearn says it is dead (interestingly he said it after being hired by Mega Banks to help create their Blockchain – no conflict there), but like I believe in G&S which are heavily manipulated, I believe in BTC which is heavily manipulated. And I am Canadian, hold fiat – and THAT my friend is heavily manipulated (from $1.10 to $.69 over the past few years – due mostly to oil I imagine), so really….as I said before, to each his own.

          Fighting over one’s belief in what you choose to own….if you own all, you are bound to survive longer than most.

        • Kevin

          I checked out some mining sites like genesis mining. They have options to mine in BTC and other alt currencies like etherium(?). Not sure what to make of the non-BTC cryptos. Any recommendations?

          • There’s quite a few mining pools that mine altcoins and pay out in the currency of your choice, including BTC. I’ve been using for a few months now and have been pretty happy with them. Typically I split my payouts between bitcoin and DASH, a coin that’s already solved a lot of bitcoin’s fungibility issues through its anonymity features and has some really interesting decentralized governance ideas.


            If anonymity’s your thing, there’s quite a bit of buzz around Monero, but I’m not at all invested.


            There’s a lot of momentum around Ethereum, but the involvement of Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (as well as having core devs from Goldman Sachs) makes it an ethical no-go for me, unfortunately. Probably missing out on that one, but I just can’t bring myself to support it.

            My hashing power is on the X11 algorithm simply because I want to support the DASH blockchain – I think it’s a really neat idea and would love to see it taken further. Then again, I run my own rig as opposed to renting hashing power so I’ve got a bit more flexibility in that regard. I’ve heard good things about Genesis and NiceHash, if you wanna try your hand at renting some hashing power… but honestly, I dunno if the ROI is there. You’d probably be better off just buying some coins outright or converting some bitcoin to the alt of your choice using an exchange or a service like:


            Of course, this isn’t investment advice 😉 But the nice thing about being in strong altcoins is that when bitcoin takes it on the nose, money typically runs to the strongest alts. DASH, for example, was up almost 25% in this recent bitcoin downswing, as was Ethereum, and have held the gains thus far.

  • Howard Roark

    Speaking of which, only a jew could jew a jew…there’s no business like Shoa business

    “Man who defrauded Holocaust(shocking, the sacred Shoa, say it ain’t so, Joe?!) claims fund indicted.

    Head of NGO, who defrauded claims fund into giving his organization money for programs it never ran, is indicted for his crimes.

    A 50-year-old resident of Israel’s central coastal region was arrested on Wednesday as a suspect for defrauding would be supporters of a Holocaust educational enrichment organization. The Jerusalem court remanded him in custody for another five days as he awaits trial.

    The accused stands charged with forgery, receiving money based on a forged document, and falsifying documents to support the NGO of which he is the head of.”

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