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Are Libertarians Wrong About Immigration?

from Stefan Molyneux:

Question: “The subject I would like to cover with Stefan, is the topic of being a morally consistent Voluntaryism while, at the same time, supporting the current immigration policies that Stefan is in support of, in respect to Syrian and Muslim immigrants.

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2 comments to Are Libertarians Wrong About Immigration?

  • thinking outside the matrix

    I believe Milton Friedman said best, “You can have open borders just NOT IN A WELFARE STATE”. This is common sense. The Elite are doing this purposely to overwhelm the system and to destroy the cultural identity of nations. It’s the Cloward-Piven Model. The Governments around the world don’t care about the Syrian Refugees they don’t even care about their own people. They are going to use them for the next phase of instituting Biometrics on the population when we starting getting rogue refugees that will be supposed terrorist. Be smart, don’t be naive.

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