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ANALYSIS: Obama is deliberately trying to get Donald Trump elected

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

I think there’s a solid argument to be made that President Obama is deliberately trying to get Donald Trump elected the next U.S. President.


For three key reasons:

1) He wants Republicans to take the full blame for the global market collapse that Obama hopes he can delay until Trump takes office.

2) He hates Hillary Clinton and knows that Trump will push for a criminal investigation in Hillary’s treasonous acts. (Obama’s hatred toward Hillary goes back to the 2008 campaign where Hillary Clinton floated the original “birther” rumor about Obama.)

3) Pushing all the aggressive, dictatorial executive orders that are creating a pro-Trump backlash also helps Obama appease his insane voter base on the extreme left. They both share the desire to destroy America’s culture, history and economy. This encourages Obama to go “all out” for his last year in office, issuing the most insane executive orders he can possibly come up with.

In addition, Obama doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to take credit for all the destruction of America that Obama has already achieved. It’s much better, in his mind, for Trump to take the White House and then unleash the global crash and economic collapse on his shoulders while blaming Trump for America’s downfall.

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7 comments to ANALYSIS: Obama is deliberately trying to get Donald Trump elected

  • anon

    Sheldon Adelson OWNS the Republicrat Party. George Soros and the Koch Brothers OWN the Demopublican Party. Everything else in American Polytricks is theatre.

    • anon

      The Council on Foreign Relations and AIPAC OWN the American Government.

      • anon

        Having said all that, of course, the Western “elites” would LOVE to blame (the upcoming events they’ve been planning – whether future FALSE FLAG EVENTS, GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, WORLD WAR III, whatever the case – they’d LOVE to blame it ALL on “Republicans”, because the “elite” Hegelian Dialectical narrative manufactured for the American Sheeple is that it’s the Republicans who are ALL about EVIL CAPITALISM, and that it is EVIL CAPITALISM that is at the root of all evil in America, and that it’s the Democratic Party that will be the “savior” of mankind… (Yawn…) Meanwhile you have the richest “elites” of the West (Western International Central Bankers) who OWN the entire closed-loop matrix, including both Republicrats, and Demopublicans.

  • Anon is correct, but stopped one step short on his analysis. THE WHOLE ELECTION IS FAKE….GET A CLUE!!!!!! (meant for the author, not anon)

  • anon

    Always remember, as well, that IF the Western “elites” (Western International Central Bankers) decide they want to stage a populist “revolution” in America, like they did in Russia, in 1917, it’ll be ASHKENAZI-KHAZARS (“Jews”) who will both FUND the faux “revolution”, AND CARRY IT OUT !!! Some 66 MILLION Russian, mainly Orthodox Christian Peasants, were slaughtered under the new “Jew”-ish “Bolshevik” Government, between 1917 and 1953 (the end of the Stalin era).

    The Greatest Mass Murderers of all Time were Jews, says Jewish Columnist

    Source: X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

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