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Americans Really, Really Hate The Government

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

If there is one thing that Americans can agree on these days, it is the fact that most of us don’t like the government.  CBS News has just released an article entitled “Americans hate the U.S. government more than ever“, and an average of recent surveys calculated by Real Clear Politics found that 63 percent of all Americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction and only 28 percent of all Americans believe that the country is heading in the right direction.  In just a few days the first real ballots of the 2016 election will be cast in Iowa, and up to this point the big story of this cycle has been the rise of “outsider” candidates that many of the pundits had assumed would never have a legitimate chance.  Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders have all been beneficiaries of the overwhelming disgust that the American people feel regarding what has been going on in Washington.

And it isn’t just Barack Obama or members of Congress that Americans are disgusted with.  According to the CBS News article that I referenced above, our satisfaction with various federal agencies has fallen to an eight year low…

A handful of industries are those “love to hate” types of businesses, such as cable-television companies and Internet service providers.

The federal government has joined the ranks of the bottom-of-the-barrel industries, according to a new survey from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Americans’ satisfaction level in dealing with federal agencies –everything from Treasury to Homeland Security — has fallen for a third consecutive year, reaching an eight-year low.

So if we are all so fed up with the way that things are running, it should be easy to fix right?

Unfortunately, things are not so simple.

In America today, we are more divided as a nation than ever.  If you ask 100 different people how we should fix this country, you are going to get 100 very different answers.  We no longer have a single shared set of values or principles that unites us, and therefore it is going to be nearly impossible for us to come together on specific solutions.

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10 comments to Americans Really, Really Hate The Government

  • Troy

    Thats right. We do hate the US government.

  • Jay C

    The 28% that believe the country is headed in the right direction need to get off the crack pipe.

  • george

    Yanks allow these pre-picked “candidates”…they have no choice really.
    To actually have Hillary as a valid candidate shows that yanks have been duped by media.
    On the way to hell in a hand basket.
    Have yanks just become “useless eaters”?
    Dumbed down into repulsive permanent war that Congress is not even asked to approve! Zombies?
    Get a brain…!

  • a guy from Ukraine

    Not a big deal. Can you name a country with people loving its government these days? I doubt so (except for Russia probably). The fact is most countries are ruled by nothing but puppet-leaders who doesn’t pursue the best interests of the people but those of the ruling class or the overseas puppet Masters in Washington as is the case in Ukraine.
    Just imagine what you would think of a government that would collapse your currency 3-fold raising all your prices and costs accordingly within just 1,5 years of taking office. That is the case with Ukraine. 2 years ago I was sort of a middle class man here, now I consider myself to be a true pauper barely making my ends meet. That is the story of the whole country. Yet we are supposed to kiss those bastards’ asses for stemming “russian aggression” that never existed. Starting from February, a new wave of military enrollment will be enforced against the so-called “russian terrorists”. I’m eligable for militrary service and will have to pay a bribe of between USD 1500-4000 to evade military service in a country with an average montly pay of between USD 100-200…. That is the CORRUPT country (I’d say irrevocably corrupt country most ukrainian citizen hate to the bottom of thier hearts, including myself)
    So my advice to You all – enjoy every day of living in your american piece of paradise which it is as opposed to Ukraine which is hell on earth for ordinary people as long as you can. Odds are it will not last for long.

  • Randy

    You’re 100% correct there, George! EVERYONE here who is not a direct descendant of the elites, is viewed as a “useless eater” to some degree, despite the fact that it is us “useless eaters” that provide them with all of their creature comforts!! Nice homes to live in, good food grown and brought to their tables, fancy yachts to party on with expensive drinks to quaff, ALL of it provided by us “useless eaters”. But here’s the real kicker; THEY are the REAL useless eaters for sure!! What do we really need them for anyway? Are we just so damned incompetent to run our own life that we really need them to be some kind of surrogate mommy and daddy, but sick and perverted ones who abuse us day and night??
    And the main way to get rid of that problem is to just get rid of ALL politics, politicians and political correctness in one fell swoop!! Use a merit based system for ALL jobs, public or private sector, and for the public jobs, put in a 5 year cap for that job and no more than that! Give out STIFF penalties for bribery and other forms of corruption, like 20 years MINIMUM for illegal acts while in office.
    Our Founding Fathers pulled the biggest blunder of world history by setting up a corruptible political system to fill government jobs. Fixing that one error right there would restore our once great nation almost over night!!

  • newfynew777

    the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in the last month of 2015,Decemba,292,000 jobs were created,and the unemployment rate (U.3) remained at to 5 percent.[and surely inflation stayed at 2% as well ROTFLMAO and THAT is the very reason why our cable bill just DOUBLED! no MeMa Janet,that is 100% inflation,not 2..
    This good news is a mirage..its a delicious looking crock pot of creamy bovine excrement. It is due to faulty seasonal adjustments[270,000 jobs are automatically created each and every single month because..because..well..because BECAUSE ObamaNocchio,MeMa Janet,and Jack-O-Lewtern KNOWS those jobs were created dam it! and because of the BLS birth/death model each month,MeMa Janet,Jack-O-Lewturn,and ObamaNochio absolutely positively KNOW they were!

    In reality[the real world outside of the land of milk and Colombian honey D.C.]seasonal adjustments and the birth/death models in acuality produce ZERO EMPLOYMENT,and therefore..NO JOBS..duh..,and MUCH more likely,a huge loss of jobs,as more and more ,and more businesses are FORCED to downsize or die and/or continue to move their biz’s to Slavelandia..

  • tomche

    “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”
    ― Mark Twain

    and also:

    “The state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.”
    ― Frédéric Bastiat

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