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George Soros Finally Suspends His Lifelong War Against Russia

from Washington’s Blog:

On January 21st, George Soros, who has throughout his life been passionately opposed not just to communism but also to Russia, finally stated in a Bloomberg News interview at the World Economic Forum, that the United States (and possibly the EU, but he says that the EU is in terrible economic shape itself) must now fund a new Marshall Plan for all of Europe, including, this time, even his bête noire: Russia.

However, is he ending, or merely suspending, his lifelong war against Russia? Let’s look at the evidence, including the background for his comments. The crucial background in order to understand his statement is provided in the links here:


Previously, he had been urging both the United States and the EU to pump variously $20 billion (in some of his articles) to $50 billion (in others) more into Ukraine’s war to seize back control over Ukraine’s former regions of Crimea and of Donbass, both of which had voted overwhelmingly (75% in Crimea and over 90% in Donbass) for the democratically elected Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, whom Obama overthrew on 20 February 2014 in a bloody staged coup whose gunmen were mainly from Ukraine’s two racist-facist or ideologically nazi parties and were all paid by the U.S. via laundered funds through the CIA. Those two regions of Ukraine are strongly pro-Russian and anti-nazi — they were anti-Nazi in World War II, and are anti-nazi today. They passionately opposed America’s coup.

However, now that the U.S.-led effort to re-arm the Ukrainian government that it had installed, and to enable them to go to war yet a second time, attempting to seize (or reabsorb) Crimea and Donbass, has failed, and U.S. President Barack Obama has thus at least temporarily given up in all but rhetoric his determination to enable Ukraine to crush those regions, George Soros is stepping back in. Soros had, himself, via his International Renaissance Fund, helped to finance the overthrow of Yanukovych. He is now urging that the U.S. (and maybe Europe) help Europe including Russia, to recover from the damages that the U.S. had imposed upon that broader Europe — imposed by means of Obama’s invasions and coups in not only Ukraine but also in the Middle East. (After all, most of the refugees into Europe come from America’s invasions of Iraq, Libya, and Syria, and from the support of jihadists there by America’s Saudi, Qatari, and UAE allies. The refugee-crisis is generated by America and its allies.) Soros says that the fleeing refugees from the Middle East into Europe will break the EU unless stopped, and that U.S. taxpayers (and maybe EU taxpayers) thus now need to fund the salvation of all of those countries which the U.S. — largely at Soros’s own urging and with his help — has all but destroyed. Perhaps he just wants Western taxpayers to bail him out.

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