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20th Largest Bank In The World: 2016 Will Be A ‘Cataclysmic Year’ And ‘Investors Should Be Afraid’

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

The Royal Bank of Scotland is telling clients that 2016 is going to be a “cataclysmic year” and that they should “sell everything”.  This sounds like something that you might hear from The Economic Collapse Blog, but up until just recently you would have never expected to get this kind of message from one of the twenty largest banks on the entire planet.  Unfortunately, this is just another indication that a major global financial crisis has begun and that we are now entering a bear market.  The collective market value of companies listed on the S&P 500 has dropped by about a trillion dollars since the start of 2016, and panic is spreading like wildfire all over the globe.  And of course when the Royal Bank of Scotland comes out and openly says that “investors should be afraid” that certainly is not going to help matters.

It amazes me that the Royal Bank of Scotland is essentially saying the exact same thing that I have been saying for months.  Just like I have been telling my readers, RBS has observed that global markets “are flashing the same stress alerts as they did before the Lehman crisis in 2008″

RBS has advised clients to brace for a “cataclysmic year” and a global deflationary crisis, warning that the major stock markets could fall by a fifth and oil may reach US$16 a barrel.

The bank’s credit team said markets are flashing the same stress alerts as they did before the Lehman crisis in 2008.

So what should our response be to these warning signs?

According to RBS, the logical thing to do is to “sell everything” excerpt for high quality bonds…

“Sell everything except high quality bonds,” warned Andrew Roberts in a note this week.

He said the bank’s red flags for 2016 — falling oil, volatility in China, shrinking world trade, rising debt, weak corporate loans and deflation — had all been seen in just the first week of trading.

We think investors should be afraid,” he said.

And of course RBS is not the only big bank issuing these kinds of ominous warnings.

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7 comments to 20th Largest Bank In The World: 2016 Will Be A ‘Cataclysmic Year’ And ‘Investors Should Be Afraid’

  • Rdawg

    So now we should trust what the big banks say Michael?
    So confused…

  • NaySayer

    Okay. Now I’m freaked a bit….more than usual.

  • johnjames

    When a Bank tells you do to something always do the opposite, the same with your Governments.
    They certainly are not looking out for your best interests.
    The last however many years should tell you that. And going by the latest news from Zerohedge,
    Kingworldnews and here and many others perhaps best not to keep any spare money if you have any in a bank at all. As we all know what happened in Greece.

  • Thomas

    This is a “we told you so” insurance policy
    The same warning was given by the Imf.
    The peoples of Europe will be distracted
    by the migrant crisis and target them instead
    of the real culprits.

    • Ed_B

      I continue to wonder just why Turkey is aiding and abetting this mass movement of Arabs through their country. Turks are very conservative. Many of them continue to think of the Ottoman Empire as “the good old days”. They would not pi$$ on an Arab who was on fire. Yet, somehow, they are allowing a vast hoard of these Arabs to pass through their country. Who is telling them to do this? It sure as hell is not their idea of a good time. Turks are terrific fighters and could easily defend their territory from ANY group of so-called migrants… or any armed forces in the MENA for that matter. So why IS this happening? For unknown reasons, no one is even asking this question in any part of the MSM. Not part of the “migrant” narrative? Probably.

  • Ed_B

    As to RBS, consider that they are only ONE bank that has supposedly issued this kind of a “sell everything” statement. The other 19 of the world’s largest banks are telling us the opposite. Does this make RBS trustworthy? No… but it might make them right even so. My question is why is RBS so clearly out of step with all the other top 20 big banks? What is their goal in stating this? Why did the British government not clamp down on them for revealing such truth? Clearly, this is not any kind of bankster or elite desire. They all have the “be happy, all is well” mantra going… when clearly all is NOT well.

  • Christine

    As many reservations as I have about Kingworld (Eric is hyping things way too much for my taste!), this Egon Von Greyerz is well worth listening to. I’ve always that guy demeanor and I like what he has to say.

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