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Hillary & The 2016 Presidential Unreality Show

from BATR:

The theatrics from a presidential campaign cycle is some of the best entertainment that a political junkie can hope for. Imagining that the electoral process has even a remote connection that reflects the will of the people is one of the idiocies that Americans delude themselves with in order to rationalize that the country is ruled under democratic elections. At the outset, elections are actually a selection ratification provided by the party hacks and media gatekeepers that serve their supra-elite masters.

The Donald and Hillary honeymoon will be spun as a fight to the death. Well, just maybe that could come true if the family feud among the establishment has a genuine dragon slayer in Trump. Is he for real or just a mega rating getter that disappoints in the end?

A Radical Reactionary is quite willing to accept the ground breaking independence and political incorrectness coming out of the mouth of an American First warrior. If the long ignored and disenfranchised grassroots register their frustration with both corporate controlled parties is any indication, they agree with our assessment.

For political hopheads the minutia and the immediate influx of social media has become an immediate gauge of temperament, intensity and relevance. No doubt much of the action is pure garbage, but that is the nature of a “reality show”. What makes this cyber space battlefield unreal is that Establishment Rule is still in Control.

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So what needs to be pondered during 2016, leading up to the media gala of unprecedented disappointment? You say what! If you read the MSM Hillary Clinton is unstoppable. Even with all the 24/7 Trump coverage, the smart elitist money is on the wicked witch. WHY?

She is everything that Trump condemns. His anti-RINO campaign has the establishment worried that their pay to play culture is threatened from a competitive alternative. So why is there a reproducible faction of Democrats ready to vote for the reinstatement of the Klinton dynasty?

The Washington Post provides a glimmer in the title of the column, A fifth of Americans weren’t alive during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

What is that description about this constituency from that “vast right-wing conspiracy”, low information voters? Hey kids, learn your history. Arkancide is the term used that refers to the Clinton Body Bags count.

OK, not one in a thousand will invest the time to discover and learn the truth about the most sinister Machiavellian since Lucrezia Borgia. But that lack of daring does not clean her hands, dripping with blood as no other charwoman politician. This maidservant for the oligarchy system is no benign grandmother.

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