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10 Syngenta Employees Sent to Hospital in Kauai Following Pesticide Use

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

After being exposed to an insecticide called chlorpyrifos only 20 hours prior, 10 Syngenta (a biotech company) field workers were rushed to the hospital after serious adverse health conditions arose. [1]

The Kauai agricultural workers were exposed to the insecticide chlorpyrifos, used on corn, which is currently under consideration for a ban by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). More than 3.5 tons of the pesticide were used in Hawaii in 2014 despite concerns over its environmental effects, as well as adverse health implications. The insecticide was also recently found in what were once considered protected water sources.

Joshua Uyehara, Syngenta Hawaii’s continuous nursery site manager, said in a phone interview that a field supervisor realized that the employees shouldn’t have been in the field within a few minutes after they entered it. Syngenta would not tell anyone what symptoms the 10 workers endured, but they were severe enough that after taking them to Syngenta’s offices and ‘cleaning them up,’ they still needed to go to the hospital.

Six of the workers were cleared to return to work within days, and all of them are now back at work – despite the fact that long-term exposure to the toxic pesticide is likely to cause additional health problems.

Uyehara said the company paid for the medical care and is conducting “a full review of how we can improve the policies and practices that we have in place to be sure that we continue to maintain a safe work environment.”

The EPA was previously sued for not making a decision to ban chlorpyrifos.

As reported by EarthJustice:

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2 comments to 10 Syngenta Employees Sent to Hospital in Kauai Following Pesticide Use

  • fej

    Any morons that voluntarily walk through a field of corn, or any other vegetables, spraying this shit on our food, don’t deserve to be rushed to the hospital. Let these stupid fucks die !

  • AgShaman

    Hmmm, Kauai…I wonder where that non-organic corn ends up going.

    They ship their garbage to Washington St.

    I bet their corn comes here also

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