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Yellen’s Confidence Defies Data, Logic and Common Sense

from Peter Schiff:

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2 comments to Yellen’s Confidence Defies Data, Logic and Common Sense

    • Ed_B

      Indeed so, Eric. None other than JP Morgan said that. The full quote is “Gold is money. All else is credit”.

      Many of our current economic problems stem from the idiotic Keynesian position that credit IS money or at least close enough as to make no difference. Nothing could be further from the truth! Money is immediate payment in full for all goods and services and not debt coupons that are printed at interest, which all fiat currencies are.

      We need only look to Japan to see how well Keynesian economics works. They have been pursuing this destructive path for about 25 years now and are no closer to solving their economic problems now than they were 25 years ago. But they DO have a HUGE debt that they have piled up as a result of their Keynesian policies.

      IMO, they have absolutely proved that these policies do not work, yet the US seems committed to following the same failed course of action. They will not work any better here than they did there but they will do terrible damage to our country, perhaps even destroying it, before those in charge are willing to give them up.

      Clearly, they are addicted to these unworkable policies for reasons that have little to do with economics and much to do with absolute control… as if that was some sort of panacea that will solve all our problems. It is virtually guaranteed that at least 1 newer and bigger problem will be created for each and every one that is solved… and that’s being generous.

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