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World War III Draws Closer As Russia Accuses Turkey Of Being ‘Secret Allies’ With ISIS

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Are Russia and Turkey on the verge of going to war?  In remarks that were almost entirely ignored by the western media, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the Turkish government of being “secret allies” with ISIS on Friday.  And on Monday, the Russians announced that they would be attempting to seal the border between Syria and Turkey, and we also learned that the Russians have been rushing heavy artillery units into Syria.  As tensions between Russia and Turkey continue to escalate, could we be in danger of seeing World War III erupt in the Middle East?

The Russians have clearly become convinced that Turkey is at the core of the problems in Syria, and that is why the Russians now plan to completely seal Syria’s border with Turkey.  Lavrov seems to think that this will represent a giant step toward defeating terror groups such as ISIS…

“We are convinced that by blocking the border we will in many respects solve the tasks to eradicate terrorism on Syrian soil.”

And the Russians are right about this.  ISIS militants use Turkey as a home base, and it has been documented that Turkey has been “training ISIS militants, funneling weapons to them, buying their oil, and tending to their wounded in Turkish hospitals”.

It was already common knowledge that Turkey was doing all of these things, but now the Russian government is publicly accusing the Turkish government of being “secret allies” with ISIS.  When Lavrov chose to use these words on Friday, he knew exactly what he was saying…

“We think it highly cynical when some of the countries speak about their commitment to the corresponding United Nations Security Council resolutions and declare themselves members of anti-terrorist coalitions but in reality are playing a game where terrorists are allocated the role of secret allies,” Lavrov stressed. “We have more and more questions about Ankara’s real plans and the degree of its readiness to exterminate terrorism, in particular in Syria, and its commitment to the normalization of the situation in Syria.”

So why would Turkey want to be allies with ISIS?

Well, first of all the Turkish government hates the Assad regime in Syria and would love to see it eliminated.

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10 comments to World War III Draws Closer As Russia Accuses Turkey Of Being ‘Secret Allies’ With ISIS

  • f16hoser

    Uh, you can add half of NATO to the ISIS Allie List…

    • Beligarant

      Looks like a divide is being setup again similar to the old West vs. USSR (BRICS). Turkey unfortunately has stepped in it and now they have a Big Bear staring them down. The bad news for Turkey is NATO has always been a very slow reactionary force. How many months did it take them to react after Kuwait was invaded by Iraq? How many years did it take NATO to finally invade Iraq and remove Saddam? How many months did it take them to put any groups in Kosovo during their civil war in the 1990’s and even it take almost an act of congress every time they wanted to carry out an airstrike.
      If you’re Turkey the real question about NATO is how fast will they react and would it be in time?

      • Sayldog

        None of the rest of those are in NATO, and thus NATO had no obligation (assuming they even had a right) to respond at all, and it damn well is supposed to take an act of Congress before America goes to war.

        • NaySayer

          We had no right to be in Iraq removing their dictator. If he was still playing ball with the now elite Bush cabal we would have supported him. He had no Rothschild controlled central bank and he wanted to take anything of value in return for oil, so he had to go.

          The Iraq citizens should have removed him if they wanted him gone. Now they are a bunch of nutless wonders who won’t even defend themselves and expect us to do it. Those will balls have joined Isis. Great. More poor American kids to die while the rich live fat on the bank bailouts and yes, they should have to declare a war.

  • Rdawg

    If Turkey tried to penetrate Syria from the rear, would Greece help?

  • Christine

    Snyder and Hodge want so much a WWIII with bombs, fireworks and 95% of Earth destroyed. That’s all they can envision. They are so limited that whatever good is happening in the world, it HAS to lead to WWIII. China and Zimbabwe: WWIII. China and Angola: WWIII. Russia and Syria: WWIII. France and Russia: WWIII. US/Iran treaty: WWIII.

    WWIII will not take place within their limited tit-for-tat, blow-the-whole-thing, Kill-kill-kill “Christian” Revelation mind frame and nor will it take place during their lifetime. BUT… they have no other paradigm. I truly pity them. I even pity more those who listen to them.

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