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Why Isn’t US Bombing ISIS Oil Shipments? James Corbett

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2 comments to Why Isn’t US Bombing ISIS Oil Shipments? James Corbett

  • Millicent

    Why isn’t “The War on Drugs” stopping the distribution of Narcotics around the globe? Illegal and smuggled substances are the source of funding for those who have declared war on humanity. It will not stop until they are stopped and this will only happen when freedom loving people stop them. Sitting around hoping and praying that a “collapse” will fix this mess is wishful thinking. You will have to put some skin in the game…

  • CalSailX

    Because James when one has to pay for ammunition some how, if you don’t have women to sell, drugs, or oil. you might find your CIA friends less then helpful. They aren’t in it because they love you… Muammar Gaddafi found out just what a useless bunch of sack of shits they are! I’ll help you, damn… a knife in the back how unexpected!

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