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When Will Martial Law Be Implemented? Ask Your Pastor

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I have never seen a time such as the one we are living in. We have so simultaneous threats to our health and well-being, that it is difficult to know where to begin. ISIS is running rampant across America. The Russians and Chinese are bombarding us with cyber attacks on a moment by moment basis. Obama has left the Alaskan back door open for Russian invasion, China and Russia have married their economies, the Petrodollar is under extreme attack, the Russian and Chinese are producing a super class of weapons, while Obama has gutted the military leadership in this country.

As a young basketball player, I was taught how to play defense by watching the midsection of my opponent. I learned that he could not go anywhere without his midsection. All the misdirection and fakes and clever moves did not mean a thing, as long as I kept my eyes on his midsection. In many of my discussions with various pastors, I am convinced that by the DHS directives they are given, we can begin to predict what is going to happen. This is DHS’ main leak. Recently, I was told by a pastor that he should put real pressure on his congregation to give 10% of their income to the church. Although it is not Biblical, reciprocity is not part of our faith. You do not give God a dollar with the hope that you will get 10 dollars back. However, pastors are being told to create that there should be hope in the economy. This is clear sign to me that we are looking a failed economy and pastors are being used perpetuate the deception that the economy is fine. I recently spoke with a pastor who sees through the facade. He is too afraid to come out in the open, because he fears IRS retribution, but he says he’s convinced that the economy is failing and unemployed people will be sent to FEMA camps. Watch your pastors, they are midsection of the soon-to-be martial law takeover of America.

Your Pastor Knows the Date of Martial Law Implementation

Many people in the independent media have reported that an estimated 50,000 pastors were recruited by FEMA/DHS, as part of the Clergy Response Team, and that their initial and primary training was to tell their flock to obey the DHS version of Romans 13. Romans 13, in the King James version of the Bible, begins:

“Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.” Romans 13:1

Many of us have been quick to point out that this bastardization of the Romans 13 is designed to force compliance to government edicts who might not otherwise comply. Certainly all governments are not established by God. Were the governments of Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, all ordained by God? What about George the III?


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11 comments to When Will Martial Law Be Implemented? Ask Your Pastor

  • randy0302

    This has to be your most retarded rants yet!

    • Christine

      Funny that you’d mention it, Randy. Don’t know about you but I went through different stages with that Hodges character. Read him a few times long ago, found him somewhat interesting. Kept on reading and started to find him odd at first, then nutsy, frankly insane and thoroughly paranoid to the point of getting the hives every time his name was mentioned by anyone.

      Lately though, I’ve started to truly enjoy him. Not for what he writes but for how and in what kind of demented spirit. The poor man is so far gone, he doesn’t even have a clue how far. And I don’t think he has an agenda he is really conscious of. I think his religiosity has finally done the job. I pity the poor man. I pity even more his family (if he has one demented enough to stick with him).

  • dcm

    Please, Don’t Call Protestants Christians

    Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

    It is very common today to hear Catholics call a Protestant “a Christian,” or even, “a good Christian.” In the United States, it was already a practice before Vatican II because of the tendency of American Catholics to accommodate Protestantism, whose tonus dominated the social and business spheres. Then, there was the question of adaptation as prominent Protestants joined the Catholic faith, or Catholics entered into marriages with Protestants. It was just easier to call everyone “Christian.” Supposedly it underplayed differences. It was meant to create the impression that Catholics and Protestants were cousins in one big, happy family. Pope Leo XIII condemned this tolerance toward Protestantism under the name of Americanism, the heresy of Americanism, to be more precise.

    Our Lord delivers the Keys of His Church to St. Peter, Pietro Perugino

    Our Lord delivers the keys of His Church to St. Peter
    Pietro Perugino, 15th century, Sistine Chapel
    After Vatican II, needless to say, the practice of calling Protestants Christians has snowballed, with the official conciliar documents assuming this same impropriety. Hence, the Holy See, Prelates and priests have made its use as widespread as possible. Accommodation to Protestantism in our days has reached such a point that some Catholics, to distinguish between Catholics and their Protestant “separated brethren,” call themselves Catholic Christians. A redundancy if I’ve ever heard one. Only Catholics can be true Christians. No one who dissents from the Roman Catholic Church can be a Christian. The terms are synonymous.

    Every time I hear the term Christian used for Protestants, I cringe. Its usage clearly nourishes a trend toward a dangerous religious indifferentism, which denies the duty of man to worship God by believing and practicing the one true Catholic Religion. It is an implicit admission that those who deny the one Faith can nonetheless be Christians, that is, be in the Church of Christ. Inherently it leads to the progressivist notion that men can be saved in any religion that accepts Christ as Savior. A “good Lutheran,” a “good Anglican,” a “good Presbyterian – what does it matter so long as they are good people and sincerely love Christ?

    Regardless of who is applying this usage today, I want to stress that it is at variance with the entire tradition of the Catholic Church until the Council. To consider heretics as Christians is not the teaching of the Church.

    Before Vatican II, the Magisterium was always very clear: It is not a matter of an individual’s character or traits. No one can be in the Church of Christ without professing the ensemble of the truths of Catholic Faith, being in unity with the Chair of Peter and receiving the same Seven Sacraments. The only Christian is one who accepts Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Church he established. Who can have God for Father and not accept the Church for Mother? (Pope Pius IX, Singulari quidem of March 17, 1856) Who can accept the spouse Christ, and not his mystical bride the Church? Who can separate the Head, the only begotten Son of God, from the body, which is His Church? (Pope Leo XIII, Satis cognitum of June 29, 1896). It is not possible.

    In short, only those who profess the one Catholic Faith and are united with the Mystical Body of Christ are members of the Church of Christ. And only those members can legitimately bear the title of honor of Christian.

    The Protestant sect started as a revolt, protesting the Church of Christ and, pretending to accept Christ without Peter, the authority He established on earth. With this split, they left the Church and became heretics. This used to be clearly said and understood, without sentimental fear of offending one’s neighbors or relatives: A Protestant is a heretic because he severed himself from the Body of the Church. He is not a Christian, and certainly not a “good Christian.”

    Scriptures confirm this truth

    My friend Jan thought I was being too severe on this topic. “You’re making a mountain out of a molehill,” she said. “Don’t Scriptures teach us to love our neighbor and not be judgmental?”

    It is the same old post Vatican II story, claiming that it is “judgmental” to correct bad practices and false teachings and arguing with disputable interpretations of Scriptures.

    Luther and Melancchthon

    Luther and Melanchthon broke with the Church of Christ
    Lucas Cranach the Younger
    Well, despite these subjective interpretations, the inspired words of Scriptures provide an unambiguous defense that the custody of the vineyard has been committed by Christ to the Catholic Church alone. Let me quote just a few verses:

    “He who hears you (Peter) hears me, and he who rejects you, rejects me, and he who rejects me, rejects him who sent me (Lk 10:16).” It could not be clearer: the Protestant who rejects the head, rejects Christ himself, and should not be granted the name Christian.

    Christ establishes one Church with a single head: “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Matt 16:19).

    St. Paul is severe in his condemnation of false teachers, e.g. Protestants: “If any man preaches any other Gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed” (Gal 1: 9).

    In another passage he instructs Catholics to remove themselves from the bad society of non-Catholics: “And we charge you, brethren, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ that you withdraw yourselves from every brother walking disorderly and not according to the Tradition which they have received of us” (2 Thess 3:6).

    The Apostle St. John forbade any intercourse with heretics: “If any man come to you and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into the house or welcome him” (2 Jo 1:10)”

    Holy Scriptures are clear on the point that only those who belong to the one Church founded by Christ, the Catholic Church, can rightfully be considered Christians.

    Popes reiterate this teaching

    The traditional Papal Magisterium was also clear on this topic. Let me offer a few texts by way of exemplification.

    A photograph of Pius IX

    Pius IX: “He who abandons the Chair of Peter is falsely persuaded that he is in the Church of Christ”
    Pius XII stated unequivocally: “To be Christian one must be Roman. One must recognize the oneness of Christ’s Church that is governed by one successor of the Prince of the Apostles who is the Bishop of Rome, Christ’s Vicar on earth” (Allocution to the Irish pilgrims of October 8, 1957). How is it possible to be clearer than this about those who can be called Christian?

    Leo XIII makes it plain that separated members cannot belong to the same body: “So long as the member was on the body, it lived; separated, it lost its life. Thus the man, so long as he lives on the body of the [Catholic] Church, he is a Christian; separated from her, he becomes a heretic” (Encyclical Satis cognitum of June 29, 1896).

    Emphasizing the fate of those who break away from the one Faith, he says: “Whoever leaves her [the Catholic Church] departs from the will and command of Our Lord Jesus Christ; leaving the path of salvation, he enters that of perdition. Whoever is separated from the Church is united to an adulteress” (ibid.). Certainly, they do not share with us the same title of Christian.

    Pope Pius IX stated: “He who abandons the Chair of Peter on which the Church is founded, is falsely persuaded that he is in the Church of Christ” (Quartus supra of January 6 1873, n. 8).

    In the Syllabus of Modern Errors, the proposition that Protestantism is nothing more than another form of the same true Christian religion was specifically condemned (Pius IX, n. 18)(1).

    Therefore, there is only one Christian Church, the Catholic Church, and only those who belong to it should rightfully be called Christians.

    A medieval depiction of the apostles within the walls of the Church

    Only inside the Catholic Church can true union be achieved
    Ottenbeueren Collectarius, 12th century
    How to fight Americanism?

    Many persons ask me: What can I do to fight Progressivism? Others have requested: Give me some specific examples of how I can combat Americanism.

    Let me offer one concrete way to fight in yourself the tendency toward accommodation with Protestantism.

    When you catch yourself calling a Protestant a “Christian,” stop and correct yourself. Call him a Protestant. It is a way to affirm that you do not accept the Protestant errors and that you acknowledge it for the terrible thing it is: Protestants denied many Catholic dogmas and for this reason caused that first major crack in the unity of the Catholic Church that caused untold damage to Christendom and the perdition of those souls adhering to it.

    It is a small thing, but by such small customs we as a people have been walking steadily toward religious indifferentism. It is time to set some roadblocks on that path. We should not veil in ambiguous terms our love for the ensemble of the Catholic Faith. The only true union possible for Catholics with Protestants is by their return to the one true Church of Christ, the Catholic Church. Only with such a return can they rightfully call themselves Christians.

    1. Numerous traditional Catholic teachings on the this topic can be found in Atila S. Guimarães, Aniums Delendi II, Los Angeles: TIA, 2002, pp. 205-217. See also “Christian Ecuemnism” in Simon Galloway, No Crisis in the Church? New Olive Press, 2006, pp. 1-51.

    Posted on February 6, 2007

    Tradition in Action
    © 2002-2015 Tradition in Action, Inc. All Rights Reserved

    • Rdawg

      Just put in a link for fuck’s sake. Those who want to wade through your boring religion bullshit can do so. These comments are for people’s original thoughts, not a cut-and-paste-fest.

    • Christine

      HaHaHa!!! Too funny! The failed-Roman-empire’s man-made Catholic Church persecuted all the original Christians who refused to join and killed all the populations who refused to convert, it ransacked and pillage all original writings and artifacts from every single culture, it appropriated all the earth resources and forbade land ownership to all non-catholic, it plotted against governments, arranged marriages to serve its hegemonic interests, fomented wars everywhere and the list goes on and on, all the way to rape of little boys and your girls forced into nunnery by that system.

      How did it pull it off? By INVENTING something that never existed before it: the FEAR OF DEATH!!!!!!!

      And it worked something like this: if you ever do anything to give yourself any pleasure, it is a SIN and you will spend eternity in HELL. If you want to spend eternity in Heaven, give everything you own to the church, vow to remain poor and serve everyone else, all day long, every day, go to church, pray every single day, all day long, live a miserable life, never ask for anything and… OBEY!

      Even the Jewish religion wasn’t smart or devious enough to pull that one off!

      • Rdawg

        Brilliantly said. Lots of folks here seem to pin everything on the Jews. Before y’all come out of the woodwork, let me save you the trouble. I don’t know. There, I said it. You guys may be right.

        But what I find fascinating, is that many of these same people who want to rid the world of the tyranny of Jews can’t seem to wait to lick the boots of the purveyors of Christianity.

        Out of the frying pan and into the fire?

  • NaySayer

    You people are all freakin’ crazy. The world is falling apart and you guys are arguing religion. When your kind all starts to freak out and burn people at the stake or crucify them, I’ll save some ammo for your guys as well as all other threats.

  • randy0302

    Good comments but Dave isn’t real. Think about it “Dave Hodges” what an “all American” name. “The Common Sense Show” Who can argue with “Common Sense”. Cheap government job. Dave was the lowest bidder.
    Dave is a paid shill. People are paid to be disruptive in Baltimore, Ferguson, etc.
    Dave works the middle class online crowd.
    I guess he doesn’t care how obvious he is. Probably a numbers game…punk a few here and there.
    Look at PhD Horvat….I didn’t read it but the length of his comments says he took Dave seriously…..PUNKED. lol
    I do seriously question the SGT Report…. lack of integrity for sure.

    • Millicent

      You will notice that there has been almost a total newz blackout on Syria and D. Trump but you are fed a steady diet of Hodges and the usual suspects…

      Good Morning Christine

    • Christine

      Come to think of it… Did Sean ever even interview David Hodges?

      Where I really get a laugh, a roar even, is when certifiable Steve Quayle interviews certifiable Hodges who, in turn, interviews him back a few months later… over enormous big nothing predictions which never pan out, all the while completely missing the real writings on the wall and coming up so empty handed that they both end up having to interview certifiable Alex Jones, himself thoroughly briefed by certifiable Santilli, to make sure that they, too, were on board with the big hype over black holes. After which they all gather around certifiable Hagmann, on their way to certifiable Hunter.

      TV used to be funny. Benny Hill, Mr. Bean, stuff like that. Internet has become way more entertaining, as of late. Some days, it is so hilarious and I laugh so hard, I even pee in my pants!

  • Deforest

    2 letters that say it all BS.

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