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Washington Post Slams Trump For Speaking With Alex Jones

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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4 comments to Washington Post Slams Trump For Speaking With Alex Jones

  • Sam

    The former grip on mainstream news looses it as even more slip away from their strict chock-hold diet of pure controlled BeeEss.

  • randy0302

    Translation: Washington Post informs readers that Alex Jones exists and is the NEW Sheriff in town.

    NWO fails at every turn….everything backfires!!!!


  • windrunner56

    Alex has all the inside news. HOWEVER, we can do without the 25 minutes of advertising!!! One of the reasons I left his site. 5 mins of interviews, then advertising, 5 more mins, then more advertising. He has turned into the MSM of the Alternative news.

    • Christine

      And we could do without him interrupting every single guest he has ever had. The only one he didn’t dare interrupt was Paul Craig Roberts and he was very nicely put in his place and warned against hyping everything by being softly coached.

      Didn’t work. That loose cannon couldn’t wait to take every theory PCR made and qualified as such and make it into a BIG, HUGE doom-and-gloom headline with his name on it!

      At best, untrained and unprofessional. At worst, a completely narcissistic moron. I don’t have time for either.

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