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Walmart Pulls Rick Ross Album After Mark Dice Complaint – VICTORY! – HAHA! – iTunes is Next?

from Mark Dice:

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1 comment to Walmart Pulls Rick Ross Album After Mark Dice Complaint – VICTORY! – HAHA! – iTunes is Next?

  • newfynew777

    unfortunately this issue lies somewhere in the gray area of the 1st
    what is to stop Wal-Mart from pulling ANY record ANYONE deems “offensive”? but must believe the supreme court would agree that a “musical call” for the assassination of ANYONE[let alone a potential POTUS],oversteps and goes far beyond free speech..there certicainly is a huge d ifference between “free speech” and a call to assassinate some one..
    as a deranged beta kitton or a government MK ultra mind control beta slave could very well take it seriously and try to take out the donald..Trump would be wise to beef up his security detail..
    Kudos to Mark Dice though anyway,for getting at least one of this Godless non-Christian noise/crap away from susceptible kids and deranged adults as would NOT bother me one dam bit if ALL music stores pulled ALL this Godless crap noise they have the audacity to call music…Miley Cyrus,Seisha,Keisha,lady GagGag me,and all the gangsta rappa’s..every one of them[except the chem-trail rap song,”Tell me Why”]
    real music is Beethoven,Bach,John Williams,and so so many other great artists,[some even actually played instruments!..can you believe it!?,and actually composed their own music as well]..Gene Simmons believes the fans killed rock and roll..i beg to differ..the record companies and MTV killed rock,by first pulling the hair bands,replacing them with the grunge sounds of Nirvana,Stone Temple Pilots,Pearl Jam,Alice in Chains,Smashing Pumpkins,Sound-garden and many others [although i must confess I was a Veruca Salt fan at one time]
    and then another sneaky literal overnight MTV late night switch to rap/hip hop that began to show videos of black men and white women together with plenty of sexual overtone,shown and played non-stop up till today,and i don’t expect it to stop until TPTB Zionists get their 2nd civil war they so badly desire..i would even put most of Kiss’s songs in the “listenable music” category ,as they did have a scant few decent hits but not many considering the barrage of material they put out between 1970 and 1985..if you want to listen to “music” you best put in a CD recorded before 2000,although certainly there are exceptions,but finding them can be like looking for a needle in a haystack,as most rock gets exactly ZERO radio play nowadays except for the classics..the Stones,Beatles,Hollies,Byrds,CSNY,Bad Co.,Dylan,Led Zeppelin,The Who,and on and on and on[there were just so so many great bands.. i’m so not up to date on the latest rock,as i shut off the radio eons ago..,i couldn’t tell you the names of any of the current rock bands still putting out music,although i keep up with Winger,and their 2014 “Better Days Comin” is the best material Winger has put out ever..Winger seems to get better with age like a fine wine[maybe because the big hair is gone and Kip Winger has been studying classical music for the last 30 years,and it certainly shows up in their latest CD..and there is no better lead guitarist than Reb Beach [except for Eddie Van Halen]..[alive guitarists that is as Jimi Hendrix was w/o a doubt the master that will most likely never be bettered..”music” was made from the 1950’s till the late 1990’s ],before Sumner Redstoned’s MTV destroyed the “music” industry[not the fans Gene] and began playing gangsta noise..anyone who thinks this gangsta crap noise they play now is “music”,needs to put on a record/CD from the “great 50” or needs a new set of ears..
    50 years of the best music ever recorded,1950-2000

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