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US National Insecurity: The Art of Blaming Russia (For Everything)

PHOTO: Russian president Vladimir Putin meeting with literary giant and Soviet era dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

by Daniel Spaulding, 21st Century Wire:

In American politics the nation of Russia, especially as personified in its leader Vladimir Putin, becomes all things to all men.

To American leftists, Russia is a neo-fascist, violently nationalist country that ruthlessly suppressed minority groups, especially homosexuals. To the American Right, Putin is the second coming of Stalin who is working to subvert good old-fashioned American values around the world.

In line with the latter narrative, a certain Christian Gomez recently published an article on The New American website, the flagship of the John Birch Society, supposedly revealing that the Russian government is the real power behind the ISIS terrorist group, as well as being behind the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. The source of this “revelation” is a single, alleged and unidentified ‘defector’ from the FSB, Russia’s security service, who spilled these supposed secrets on Ukrainian television, a mouthpiece for the Washington-backed Kiev coup-junta that never misses an opportunity to slander all things Russian.

Such charges are absurd on their face; there is absolutely no evidence to hint, much less demonstrate, that Russian intelligence had any involvement in the formation of ISIS. Why Russia would want to support a terrorist entity that seeks to destabilize and overthrow its close and reliable ally, Bashar Assad of Syria, is never explained or analyzed by either the faux defector or his American champions at the John Birch Society.

Indeed, even mainstream Western media sources no longer make serious attempts to hide the fact that America’s regional allies, and not Russia, are to be identified as the sources of ISIS development and support. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and even Israel have all played a significant role in funding, arming, and enabling ISIS, Jahbat al-Nusra, and other similar jihadist factions in Iraq and Syria.

Turkey has an awfully peculiar way of “fighting” ISIS (Image: RT)

America itself is certainly in a far better position to be plastered with the charge of supporting ISIS. According to Washington’s own Defense Intelligence Agency, the American government knew from the beginning of its support for the “Arab Spring” in Syria that the violent insurgency against Bashar Assad was composed primarily of unsavory, vicious Islamist factions, including the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda sympathizers, and even predicted these factions, if empowered, would seek to create a Salafist “principality.”

Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin has been stalwart in his support for Bashar Assad, recently going as far to providing air cover to the Syrian military as it seeks to reclaim the country from ISIS and other terrorist brigades. An undertaking that has earned Putin even more irrational hatred from the Western media and political establishment, which cheers on jihadists as they pillage and plunder their way through Syria.

So where did this preposterous charge against Russia originate? The faux defector that would smear Russia with responsibility for ISIS is obviously a pawn of Langley’s Ukrainian satraps, but his absurd conspiracy theory still finds fans in the West, especially among so-called American conservatives and ‘patriots’, since it fits in with a much older narrative, one stretching back to theCold War.

During the height of the Cold War, figures like W. Cleon Skousen, a former FBI agent and an associate of the John Birch Society, and the opportunistic Soviet KGB defector Anatoly Golitsynpropagated the narrative that the Soviet Union was not merely a geopolitical rival of the United States, but was fantastically successful in its quest to undermine American democracy and replace it with a communist society. Golitsyn and Cleon Skousen’s nephew, Joel Skousen, have gone as far as to claim the collapse of the Soviet Union was a clever ruse designed to lull America and the West into a false sense of security so that the “communist agenda” might continue, with no one the wiser.

Coincidentally, this non-falsifiable conspiracy theory plays well to more fringe elements of the American “patriot” movement and many Christian dispensationalists, who see Russia as the Biblical ‘Gog and Magog’ set to devour their idol, the State of Israel. It also provides a convenient scapegoat for American conservatives who are unable or unwilling to see the real culprits behind the social chaos in their country – and that their country is the prime source of both geopolitical and cultural subversion abroad.

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