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Ukraine Update – Batchelor-Cohen

from TF Metals Report:

Every week we post these podcasts and, every week, you need to find time to listen. There is no doubt that 2016 is going to be a consequential year and this weekly discussion is the only one you will find that offers a consistently fair and balanced review of events in The New Cold War.

Last evening’s discussion began with a review of the current situation in Ukraine, which looks to be heating up. Did you know that Russia is due $3B from Ukraine on December 20? Do you think that might cause a renewed spike in the fighting?

John and Steve then go on to discuss and connect the dots surrounding the latest visit to Kiev by Vice President Plugs. “Plugs” blames the entire event on the “corruption” caused by Russia when, in fact, the real corruption can be found in Washington. Zero Hedge had this story a year and a half ago…at least the veritable New York Times is finally getting up to speed:

Then there’s a story out there about Poland requesting to “borrow” some nukes for “self-defense”. That sure sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

This wasn’t discussed but seems relevant to include here:…

John and Steve even discuss this story, too:…

So, again, please find the time to listen this week and every week as it is vitally important that you stay on top of this most dangerous string of geo-political events since 1962.


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