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U.S. Gold Standard – Brief History

from Junius Maltby:

We quickly walk through a brief overview, a snap shot of the U.S Gold Standard.

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2 comments to U.S. Gold Standard – Brief History

  • Eric

    Fun to look at all those old gold coins. I was just looking at some on APMEX. Lots of nice pre-1933 stuff valued pretty fairly, but older coins like liberty eagles, indian eagles and saint-gaudens don’t have as much gold as post-1986 American Eagles, and are also 20 gold dollars instead of 50 gold dollars. Great for a collector. I’m tempted myself. But I think some tell you to buy the older coins to scare you into thinking you are safe from confiscation because it is constitutional money. As long as you can defend your property, Gold will NOT be confiscated this time. Gold is going back into the system.

    I still prefer the .9999 stuff.

    • Eric

      Oooops I should have stated “don’t have as much gold as the gold buffalos at 99.99% pure 24 karat.

      Eagles and Kruggerands are 91.67%
      Maples and Kangaroos are 99.99%

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