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Turkey Now Risking All-Out War with Russia to Protect ISIS

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from The Wealth Watchman:

In the roughly 9 weeks that Russia has been pulverizing ISIS/Daesh/Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra into tiny bits, so much good has been accomplished already. Russian air support has done such a thorough job of smashing ISIS’s supply lines, IED factories, munitions depots, & infrastructure…that Assad’s Syrian Army(plus Hezbollah) had made significant territorial gains in just weeks. In fact they’re now threatening to retake Aleppo itself! Let’s be clear: when Assad takes back Aleppo, the country will be, for all intents and purposes, firmly under his control again.

For Putin, that wasn’t enough though. He and the Kremlin had known for years who really controlled ISIS, and more importantly how they were funding that organization, and he decided the time was finally right to strike at the heart of their operations in Syria, once and for all.

Turkey 4

Putin hits ISIS where it hurts: Russia hits more than 200 targets in 24 hours as Moscow aims to cut off jihadists’ income by taking out refinery and oil trucks

Yes, the Russian Air Force finally launched aggressive strikes against enormous convoys of ISIS oil trucks, as well as several oil refineries used to convert the raw crude into usable product. They launched the attacks without warning, and often, in the middle of the night.  Even the drivers were all cooked inside the trucks they drove.

Putin and Russia understand the ruthless nature of ISIS and those who aid them, and have decided there will be no quarter for anyone helping or fighting for their terrorist enclave.

Now, brothers, in case you were wondering:

“If hitting ISIS oil operations and their war chest was so easy….why the hell didn’t the US Air Force do this at the very beginning?”

Why, indeed!

Well, let me help you there.  Barack’s lapdog told those listening, when asked the same question, that the reason the US never went after ISIS oil refineries was due to environmental concerns! Truly, he said these utterly moronic words!

DC actually expects us to sit with a straight face, and believe them when they say:

“We really wanted to strike ISIS oil revenues, honest, but ‘muh environment’!”

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18 comments to Turkey Now Risking All-Out War with Russia to Protect ISIS

  • Curtis

    C’mon folks… with all that is going on is there one among you that does not think “puss in the whore house” is not getting some of the money from the oil???

  • newfynew777

    “We really wanted to strike ISIS oil revenues, honest, but ‘muh environment’!”

    YEAH RIGHT..and not to forget the white phosphorus Israel is spraying on the dam near defenseless Palestinians,
    as well as the weapons the U.S. and Israel use to bomb all the middle east that contain Depleted Uranium..weapons so bad for the environment that have a incredible ONE BILLION YEAR HALF LIFE..
    the lies just never..ever stop..
    the lying,stealing,and,manipulating is what the Zionists do..
    and no one lies more than the Zionist’s MSM whoresponants and presstitutes

    and surely the obama puppet is told to tell the sheep that the billion year HALF LIFE of the weapons containing DEPLETED URANIUM dropped on Iraq and other ME nations has no environmental effect either?
    then why is it that no crops will grow anywhere DU weapons were used for AT LEAST a billion years?
    or the effect that D.U. containing weapons/bombs have on newborns isn’t a problem either?
    ..newborns born of Iraqi women exposed to D.U.,and U.S. military soldiers who were in many cases “unknowingly” exposed to D.U.,
    these soldiers wives also are having horrifically deformed newborns here in the U.S. too,but all that info is being well hidden from the public because just 6 Zionist juice control 95% OF ALL MEDIA across the world..FOX,CNN,ABC/DISNEY CBS,NBC/General Electric,MSNBC,and the Newhouse Zionist media empire..
    ..there is in fact a website showing photos of these horrifically D.U. deformed babies,and if you do choose to look at these photos be forewarned..these photos,literally thousands and thousands of them in fact,are dam near too grotesque to look at..anyone..soldiers as well as civilians that were exposed at nearly any level to this Gosh Dam awful depleted uranium are having incredibly devastating health problems,but the MSM keeps it all well under wraps covered up..
    the most knowledgeable person concerning this D.U. and its devastating effects,is far and away Sgt. or Major Doug Rockie,and do believe he has a website..
    the military hospitals here in the states claim the D.U. illness’s are just “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome”[PTSS] bull-Xcrement!..its D.U. exposure!
    the gigs almost up,
    as these globalist Zionist maggot pigs and their Satanic crimes are finally being exposed to the masses through great sites like long as the Internet stays up,IMHO the new world order is finished..

  • WillyT

    They must think that we all have SH!T for brains. They didn’t have a problem setting fire to the oil wells when they went into Iraq to find their weapons of mass destruction. There certainly was no consideration for the environment then. Oh yes I forgot Halliburton was contracted to put out all the oil well fires. Now they’re concerned for the environment? A government with a conscience and morality when it comes to fighting ISIS a world wide thereat according to Washington. There are a lot of things that are questionable with respect to the US led coalition that is fighting ISIS. You cut off their money supply and cut them off from being able to sell the oil ISIS has been selling. Like they don’t know who is buying it. They say their intelligence is so good fighting ISIS. Why do they pick and choose when they want to be ignorant to facts they should already have. Russia certainly has made more headway fighting the bad guys and a much shorter period time than the U.S.with the biggest and most powerful army. It’s all a bunch of garbage and I don’t understand why more Americans do not wake up to the fact they’re being had by the endless government lies and B.S. propaganda.

  • Christine

    Here is what the entire Turkish insanity is all about. Once again, it is the game of artificially redrawing borders and creating small states Israel, UK and the US (with the help of France Zionist and increasing reluctance from the French people. When the hell are they going to revolt?) will be able to control, pillage and manipulate.

    Yugoslavia and Kosovo all over again. When will end…?

  • Howard Roark

    With the jew it will never end…ever

  • Jacobson

    Russia and Turkey – two great nations with many millions of people, natural resources, culture, language, territories.
    And who the neo-nazis blame? Jews!

    I’m happy to see Israel & Russia getting closer.
    A famous rabbi said 250 years ago:
    “When you see the russian army invades Turkey, Messiah is one the way…”
    I hope you got special attire for judgement day,
    For all the anguish and hatred you spreaded here…

    • Christine

      You lose me there, Son-of-Jacob,

      Did you miss this?

      How do you not see that, if Russia invades Turkey, Israel (which really could have been created anywhere in the world… so much for the “Sacred Land given by God”) according to this:

      How do you not see, as I was saying, that… Israel may have some serious hard times ahead of it, for having gambled on all the dying horses? US, ISIS, UK, the Saudi and Turkey? See, there is that little matter of Iran/Persia, still solid today and very much more, with Russia on its side. And China not willing to play with Israel and especially not on Israel terms.

      I have to ask, Son-of-Jacob. Do you have another passport? Because if/when Russia goes after Turkey once and for all, Israel is in the middle… It could get very uncomfortable for Israel. Never mind. Of course you have another passport!

    • Eric

      Jacob, Turkey was selling ISIS oil to build the greater israel project by destroying iraq and syria.

      ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

      Your anti-christ messiah will come and sit on the throne of palestine long after Israel is gone.

      Please express your hatred for all of us loving christians trying to save you. If only you would embrace multiculturalism and jesus as your savior, you would see the light.

  • Howard Roark

    “For all the anguish and hatred you spreaded here…”

    You mean this kind of hatred?

    P.S. Will you be able to construct a proper sentence and spell by then?

  • anon

    Turkey is a member of NATO. Enough said?

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