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Trump & Putin A Real Reset?

from Bill Still:

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6 comments to Trump & Putin A Real Reset?

  • Sayldog

    Really like Bill Still, but he misses the mark by identifying Obama as a Muslim. Axelrod and Emanuel steered Obama into the Presidency, and it doesn’t get any more Zionist than that. Any appearance of Muslim affection exhibited by Obama is a mask he is willing to wear in doing his part in the NWO plan to destabilize the ME and the globe. Neither Muslim or Jew, and certainly not Christian nor American, his allegiance is to the global NWO of Lucifer, as with a large portion of the rest of TPTB (whether they know it or not).

    • anon

      +1, Sayldog. It’s extremely difficult to imagine Obummer having anything like a REAL, DEVOUT, PIOUS, ORTHODOX IDEOLOGY – of ANY kind – other than to serve those who apparently worship Lucifer, at the highest levels, in the West: The ZIONIST (Ashkenazi-) Khazarian Mafia, (ie., the Western International Central Bankers, and their “EU” Royal allies, and all their legions of other allies & mostly unwitting dupes and minions). Their ONLY ideology appears to be ZIONISM, but it’s a ZIONISM that isn’t in the best interests of ANYONE below a certain socio-economic level, be they “Jew”, White, Black, Asian, Native American, or Palestinian or Whatever! ALL they have for us, is DEBT-SLAVERY. IF we truly wish to “Make America Great Again”, we’ll need to return to the U.S. Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and the RULE OF LAW, which existed in this country around say, 1790, or 1811 to 1816, or after 1836, but, which we mostly lost after Dec. 23, 1913.

      Revelation 3:9 – King James Bible

      “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

      For further reading on this topic, go here:

      X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

      Be sure to read ALL comments, click on all links, and read/view all content.

      • anon

        IF we wish to “Make America Great Again”, we’ll also have to return to a sound, legal immigration policy, that doesn’t just allow anyone into this country who can’t actually contribute something more than rape, murder, or taking as much as they can from this country’s social/welfare system.

        • anon

          Fall Of The American Empire: “They Intend To Collapse the Financial System”

          “They”, the “elites” of the West, must be INSANE, or else, they have their lifeboats at the ready (or both), because, “they” certainly are not so ignorant that they don’t know that their entire system stands on the precipice of total annihilation. In fact, it is most likely, that “they” have known for generations, centuries, that their system has FRAUD BUILT INTO IT!, and that, by orchestrating colossal collapses, they can emerge the victors – rulers of us all, such as “they” (Rothschilds) did, in 1815 on the London Stock Exchange, while simultaneously, Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo. Only now, “they” seek to pull that same maneuver, on a GLOBAL SCALE.

        • anon

          And, if the plan is to END WELFARE, let’s first END ~ CORPORATE ~ WELFARE, such as we saw at the end of 2008, and the Banker Bailouts.

  • anon

    It appears that the KOCH Brothers are the ones who finance (buy) the Democratic Party,
    and that it is SHELDON ADELSON, who finances (buys) the Republican Party. Now, I’ve read that Donald Trump is supposedly INDEPENDENT of say, Sheldon Adelson’s $$. I’m not convinced of it. Here is an interesting article, with links to substantiating / supporting articles, that discusses the truth behind Ted Cruz, Sheldon Adelson, and possibly Donald Trump, himself.


    The main thing to remember, is that, “they” killed JFK. JFK was a PEACE President. He didn’t want war. WAR is what makes the Western International Central Bankers (FAT CATS ON WALL STREET) RICH, along with BIG OIL, and “DEFENSE” Contractors (Weapons Manufacturers). IF Donald Trump goes against their wishes, like JFK did, they’ll kill him, too. Guaranteed. It’s often called the “Military-Industrial Complex”, but it’s SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. They are seeking a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT.

    “They” are behind “global warming”, “gun control”, the “war on drugs”, the “war on terror” – ALL THE BULL-SHIT that we are continuously drip-fed via their owned-and-operated Mainstream Media. Who owns the Media? “They” do. Who owns Hollywood? “They” do. Who owns the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” Banks? “They” do.

    X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

    Be sure to read ALL the comments. Click on ALL the links. Read, view, listen to ALL content. THINK FOR YOURSELF!


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