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Trump Just Dug Up Something Big From The Past In Response To Furor Over His One Word About Hillary

from Western Journalism:

As analysts question Donald Trump’s latest foray into colorful language, some facts have emerged that some Trump supporters say might set the record straight.

The Republican presidential front-runner kicked off the fuss Monday night when, in Grand Rapids, Mich., he told supporters that Democrat rival Hillary Clinton is a loser.

“Even a race to Obama, she was gonna beat Obama,” he said then. “I don’t know who would be worse, I don’t know, how could it be worse? But she was going to beat — she was favored to win — and she got schlonged, she lost, I mean she lost,” Trump said.

The word “schlonged,” a Yiddish word referencing a man’s penis, brought a chorus of outraged voices. The Clinton camp complained about “degrading language.” The media flooded headlines with the words “vulgar” and “vulgarity.”

Trump struck back Tuesday, with support from a veteran political analyst.

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17 comments to Trump Just Dug Up Something Big From The Past In Response To Furor Over His One Word About Hillary

  • Rodster

    As rigged as the two party system is. At least The Donald makes it fun to watch. It’s like having Simon Cowell as a contestant on American Idol.

  • Millicent

    If it is a fair fight, Trump will clean Hillary’s clock…

    Big IF!

    • Ed_B

      Indeed. Trump would be well advised to enter the battle assuming that it will not be a fair fight.

      Hellery would be well advised to not get into a mud-slinging contest with Trump. There’s an absolute mountain of the stuff in the Clinton’s past and it’s all within easy reach.

  • NIX

    Bengazi murderer on the right an torture zionist lover on the other!!! egelian dialectic for the masses it never fail !! usa,usa,usa

  • KRELL427

    You can bet Hillary and Huma hate schlong

  • Christine

    I like the word “schlong”. Don’t know what it really means but, as onomatopoeia goes, that’s a pretty good one. Effective and descriptive, it talks to the senses: visual, auditory. Just like “click”, “crash”, “slam”, “splash”, etc.

    Were I have some difficulty is in Trump’s “and she got schlonged”.

    Methink Hillary Clinton… schlong herself. Right in the foot, ankle, leg and knee, methodically, repeatedly and all by herself. She isn’t a victim of anything or anyone: 30 years of her public and political life is only coming to roost.

    • Eric

      It’s yiddish for penis.

      Hillary won’t make it. She’s out. The Clinton Foundation is going to be dissolved. Bernie will get the nomination. And it will either be Trump or Rand Paul. Just my thoughts right now. Who knows. Should be a good show though. Something like this…

      • Christine

        Ok… So, in Trump’s economy, Hillary “got f***ed”.

        I still think she didn’t. She f***ed herself (and everyone around her. I mean… those she didn’t simply eliminate).

        So, no victim there. Hopefully though, simple, down-to-earth poetic justice.

      • Ed_B

        Rand Paul? Seriously? Seems to me that Cruz is kicking Paul’s butt in every poll out there. In any number of which, Paul is only scoring in low single digits. Personally, I like Rand Paul a lot more than I like his chances of getting the RNC nomination for president. Also, Trump and Cruz are being VERY cordial to each other. It’s almost as if they have some sort of agreement or something. That would make a lot of sense if a Trump-Cruz ticket was in the offing. Otherwise, not so much. 😉

  • Christine

    Whoever gets picked, “schlong” is pretty darn good and hasn’t yet been bleeped by MSM. Apparently, it is politically correct. I bet $5.00 that, whoever banks choose, he/she will use “schlong” from now on.

    @Sean, my $5.00 is good. Should I send it to you now? You know… as absolutely good faith that my hard-earned fiat money is on make-believe elections? 🙂

  • Larry from Montreal

    “Pillory Hillary” is my choice for a bumper sticker. I think Hillary is the only female around Bill that never gets schlonged any more. I think she switched.

  • Larry from Montreal

    I never get notifications by email of comments on any more. I wonder what’s going on.

  • Randy

    I’m waiting for someone to ask Hitlery who the actual father of her daughter, Chelsea, is. Is it Bill Clinton, or Web Hubble? You can see from the photos of Chelsea before she had all of that plastic surgery done, that she’s Web’s daughter, no two ways about it! When some guy asked Chelsea if Web was her father or not, she would only answer “I’m very proud of who my parents are”, or some kind of non-answer like that. No confirmation or denial, just more typical politician obfuscation of the truth.

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