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Thieves draining VISA and other gift cards before you can use them

from The Victory Report:

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1 comment to Thieves draining VISA and other gift cards before you can use them

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    It’s should be WIDELY known that ANY GIFT cards NOT kept behind the register, is super risky.

    Because the thieves take the cards on the shelves, snap a digital photo of them, go home and yes, keep checking to see WHICH cards get activated, and the thief uses the card number data, to order items online, etc.

    Only cards in WELL SEALED packages can be considered pretty safe. (Don’t forget that even the cashier behind the counter may be doing her own scamming. Just like the waitress who takes your credit card up to the register to charge your meal, or the person at the register is in on it.

    No matter where you use your card, it’s not really safe. Catalog or Phone orders? Hahahaha.

    Some catalog phone centers, have been shown to be using PRISON inmates to work the phones (is cheaper than actually hiring real people.)

    Not even cash is totally safe when you consider how many super good counterfeits are out there, issued by gov’t criminals such as North Korea, and others. You can always end up with your bank notes or change, with some bad bills.

    I’ll be glad when we are using small amounts of silver for daily transactions, or perhaps BitGold Visa account, etc.

    Yes, I also like the Silver dimes, Quarters, etc. I like generic silver rounds, but I kinda shun the Silver Eagles and Maples because of the higher premiums AND even though the gov’t gives those “gov’t legal tender silver coins” some beneficial treatment at this time, I fully expect any preferential treatments to fade away as things get serious.

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