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There Sure Is A Lot Of Buzz About A Potential Terror Attack On Christmas Day Or New Year’s Eve

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

I have never seen more buzz about a potential terror attack during the holiday season than I am seeing right now. Over the past couple of weeks, the mainstream media and the alternative media have both been full of headlines about the possibility of terrorism on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. And personally, I have had numerous people contact me with their concerns or regarding something that they have heard from others. In addition to threats from ISIS, there are many out there that are completely convinced that we could soon see a major false flag incident in the United States. So are any of these rumors true? Will we soon see a major terror incident in America? I want to make it very clear that I do not know. As an attorney, I have been trained to come to conclusions based on the evidence, and at this moment I do not have anything completely solid to report to you. But I do believe that it is noteworthy that there is so much buzz about a potential terror attack that is coming in from so many different directions.

For example, earlier today a mainstream news report indicated that authorities had discovered a “credible threat” against New York City.  The phrase “credible threat” was later retracted, but it is a fact that NYPD Commissioner William Bratton did hold “an emergency meeting” on Tuesday to address the threat of terror…

Top NYPD brass including Commissioner William Bratton held an emergency meeting Tuesday to discuss the need for increased vigilance, sources said.

All New York City police officers received a bulletin Tuesday afternoon outlining the department’s tactical plan and warning officers to stay vigilant, according to sources. That internal memo mentioned social media being used as a tactic and that a possible attack could come without warning.

Expect to see increased police presence at iconic locations across multiple boroughs, including Times Square, St. Patrick’s Cathedral for Midnight Mass on Thursday, and Barclays Center in Brooklyn, marking the first time a threat has sparked a swell of police presence in a borough other than Manhattan.

In Germany, it is being reported that a former ISIS fighter is telling authorities that ISIS is planning “coordinated attacks across multiple European cities”

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36 comments to There Sure Is A Lot Of Buzz About A Potential Terror Attack On Christmas Day Or New Year’s Eve

  • Howard Roark

    From the content above…”As an attorney, I have been trained…” – Michael Snyder

    Ah, there it is, confirmation why I’ve always thought there isn’t something quite right with this guy…and there it is from his own mouth…he’s a fucking aturnonme.

    No need to ever read any more of his shit.

    • Eric

      Well this is floating around out there a lot…

      But anyone who calls themselves an “attorney” is a total mind controlled sellout, officer of the court, member of the British Accredited Registry. If “bar attorneys” had any human decency, they would wake the hell up and question this “legal” system and start exposing and removing the judges. They are a menace to society and they don’t have the slightest clue about any of it.


      • Howard Roark

        It’s all about money Eric. You get an aturnonme and you automatically wave personum jurisdiction and admit to being a “citizen of the Un(JEW)nited States”….VERY bad spot to be in…EVERYTHING is then subjective and you’re their bitch.

        And make no mistake Michael Snyder KNOWS. THIS. COMPLETELY.

        All liars do…

        • Eric

          I’m not so sure they do. I’m pretty sure most if not all judges know this. But I don’t think the attorneys have the slightest fucking clue. I have a buddy who is an attorney. He is the nicest most generous guy in the world. Terribly naive unfortunately. Married a total bitch. Divorced now but it’s just the programming that he was raised with to be a good little soldier for this corrupt system.

          But you’re right, as soon as you higher an officer of the court or pass the bar, you are in their jurisdiction.

          What kills me is just how deep I got into their jurisdiction from years of brainwashing. Still working my way out but it’s pretty difficult to just get out of, even when you know how it works. Fuck man, if my family didn’t leave the nitrous oxide on all the time and wasn’t hopped up on goof balls, it would be easy. But trying to get out of their system takes careful planning.

          Did I tell you about my jury duty experience? What a joke that was. Total waste of everybody’s time. We want you to come back friday. Oh now we want you to come back Wednesday instead. Oh now the case got settled. Go into a courtroom sometime. It’s filled with brainwashed sheep and psychopaths who get off on their assumed power.

          • Howard Roark

            Been in court MAAAANY times…Feral court too.

            Had a cop on the stand in a traffic(many times)…”officer, is it your sworn testimony that I was within the state on the date of the alleged offence?” YES! “Is that arbitrary opinion?” NO! “So it’s based on FACTS currently within your knowledge?” YES!! “Factually, what is a state?”

            Judge and or prosecutor “Objection! Calls for a legal conclusion, witness is not competent to testify!”

            They just declared their only witness incompetent…we’re done.

            In Feral court…”I want to the court to take mandatory judicial notice that I am NOT a citizen of the United States.” And we’re done. Freaks them out, they can’t get you out of there fast enough…”we’ve got one that can see!”

            Jury duty is an easy one to get out of…”I’m not a citizen of the United States”. You’ll never hear from them again.

            You have to sign a jurat that you are to be on a jury at ANY level. Makes the voir dire process alot of fun!

            And you’re right about the brainwashed part…all glassy eyed, looking like cattle at the abituare awaiting slaughter.

            I’ve even had aturnonmes follow me out after I get a dismaissal and tell me “you’re going to be disbarred!” I tell them I’m not a member of their cult.

    • Gnostic

      THEY NEED YOUR CONSENT via CONTRACT……IF YOU DON”T THEY MAY JAIL YOU BUT CAN”T HOLD YOU, at least in Civil matters. God’s law “Do No Harm” is the ONLY Law of the Land all else is based on Maritime Law or the Color of Law. That is what seperates a Sovereign from a slave.

      • Eric

        Love that video. Unfortunately most of the people here already know about it.

        We should post that stuff over at Kikebart and blow the minds of some sheep.

        Anyways, I’m off to the bank to deposit 30 shekels so that it may come right back out.

      • Howard Roark

        Very true, but knowing it is the easy part. REALLY understanding it and exercising it is the hard part. But there really is a “way out”, it’s not easy it just depends on what your priorities are

    • Iguana green

      Don’t be a fool. Snyder has credibility.

  • rl

    Yeah, he is quite the tool.
    But he sure bring in the clicks, as this post will again prove, and is a mainstay for alt media cospiratards who think they are even beginning to get it rather than keeping the endless bait and swith game alive and the controllers laughing all the way to the bank.
    He is the perfect example of what this charade has become.

  • tomche

    Wow. Fear porn 101…

  • Billy Hill

    Hey, he said it himself…

    I do not have anything completely solid to report to you.

  • Rdawg

    Michael, go shove your Shemitah where the Blood Red Moon doesn’t shine.

  • Millicent

    I heard that a fat guy in a red suit is going to try and sneak into everyone’s homes.

  • NIX

    Christmast present to evreyone at S.G.T

  • Is giving us Nickelback a way of saying we deserve coal? (Nix you must be Canadian ;))

  • kRELL427

    Nice way of wishing us Merry christmas. Doom and Gloom for the holidays..

  • Timco

    Unrelated, but Rebekah Roth is taking a lot of heat about her true identity. Can you get a follow up with her Sean?

  • Fraser

    So many problems – with one easy solution – hang the bankers!

  • richard

    NO ONE takes this clown seriously anymore. Snyder and that smug Canadian ass clown in acupulco were peddling the shemitah hard…..idiots.

  • Christine

    “And personally, I have had numerous people contact me with their concerns or regarding something that they have heard from others.”

    Nothing like a self-proclaimed attorney who, as far as my research has yielded, has NEVER tried a case, whose name appears absolutely nowhere in any kind of case law, civil, criminal, administrative, constitutional or otherwise and who, in all probability, spent his career pushing paper for some well-paying corporation or politician.

    It doesn’t exempt him from following the rule of law: if it cannot be documented, it doesn’t exist.

    At the risk of sounding catty (and I take full responsibility for it if I do, indeed, come across that way) I have to question Snyder’s true background.

    Here is a tidbit from a (HaHaHa!Just peed in my pants reading it… again!) objective source:

    “About Michael Snyder
    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog. Michael and his wife, Meranda, believe that a great awakening is coming and are working hard to help bring renewal to America. Michael is also the author of the book The Beginning Of The End
    MichaelSnyder has written 833 articles so far, you can find them below.”

    Just in case we weren’t completely clear, except for Trey Gowdy (about whom I have a lot of reservations, even though his grilling of witnesses is quite entertaining, albeit fruitless), 47% of Congress is made of Snyders. The question becomes… did Snyder create his blog because he was fired from whatever cushy job he had in DC or did he quit on his own because it wasn’t up to his moral standards he very much struggles to communicate to this day?

    If the latter, WHAT THE HELL ARE HIS STANDARDS? Rule of law ain’t one of them and he can’t even properly investigate anything! What happened to “Discovery 101”, as in… ask the proper questions and make sure you can document the answer before you even ask it?

    For decades, this country manufactured lawyers like there was no tomorrow. See the shape it is in? Compare China’s and Russia’s Congress with ours. Enlightening. By Golly! They have doctors, engineers and practical people representing their people. Definitely not 47% useless lawyers who never held a rake or changed the oil in their own cars!

    The Gods America chose for itself have failed America. Hmmm… Kind of rings a bell, doesn’t it?

  • CalSailX

    “Discovery 101″…LOL… that brings back some memory’s. Never ever stop the BAR member representing the other side from proving your case! Even if you have that same Ace up your sleeve, it’s always better if the learned member of the BAR on the other side of that courtroom gets it into evidence for you!

    At that point even the judge can’t save his golf buddy… thank-you your honor however this court no longer has jurisdiction over this matter. If your a sporting type you pull that lawyer outside the courtroom and try to cut a deal, if he’s a retard you send him back before the sheep madder then he left.

    On the other hand you may get to the point where I did where they had six lawyers on the case, everyone of them needing copy of everything. The funniest thing about that is all I needed to do is find the weakest link, and let him save his client ten’s of thousands of dollars!

    If your lucky you make the list of folks that no-one whats to take into a courtroom again. Hell they will shoot ass first before they fall for that again. I really hope I made that list!

  • Bill

    Reminds me of a lawyer joke.

    Why do they bury attorneys 12 feed down when they die?

    Because deep, deep down they’re really good people.

  • Millicent

    Lines from the movie: The 5th Element

    Mr. Kim: You got a message.

    Korben Dallas: Yeah

    Mr. Kim: You’re not gonna open it? It might be important.

    Korben Dallas: Yeah, like the last two I got were important. The first one was from my wife, telling me she was leaving. The second was from my lawyer, telling me he was leaving… with my wife.

    Mr. Kim: Ah, that’s bad luck. Grandfather say it not rain everyday. This is good news, guaranteed. I bet your lunch.

    Korben Dallas: Okay, you’re on.

    Mr. Kim: Come on…


    Mr. Kim: You are fired. Oh.

    Korben Dallas: Well, at least I won lunch.

    Mr. Kim: Good philosophy, see good in bad, I like.

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