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“There Is True Value” and “Bargains” In Silver and Gold – Silver Guru

from Gold Core:

With blood on the streets across the entire commodities sector, Future Money Trends interviewed ‘Silver Guru’ David Morgan of the Morgan Report about the outlook for markets and why he remains bullish on silver and gold.

David Morgan astutely noted:

“At this moment in time, that we are truly at a level that it is really only the ardent silver bulls and resource investors who truly understand where we are in the market. Not only are we skipping along the lows, perhaps we can go lower, but there is true value here – in all aspects – not only in the gold and silver but also in the natural resource sector as a whole with bargains all over the place”. 

People understand nothing lasts forever. The bottom does not last forever. You want to buy low and sell high.”

GoldCore: David Morgan Silver Outlook 2015 Silver Sumit 2015: David Morgan Silver Update

According to Future Money Trends:

David’s analysis of the Federal Reserve (FED) is that they truly are in a real bind here. They want both a weaker dollar and for the dollar to remain the reserve currency. With a huge multi-year trend out of the dollar for major transactions amongst some of the top countries in the world, like Russia, China, and Brazil, the FED is likely now being forced to raise rates.

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