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The TRUE Date of SHEMITAH 2016 and the YEAR of JUBILEE / Bo Polny

from Gold 2020 Forecast:

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34 comments to The TRUE Date of SHEMITAH 2016 and the YEAR of JUBILEE / Bo Polny

  • Bible Babble

    Bo Polny. We can all see the collapse is coming, but poor Bo Polny has been trying to nail down a small range of the exact date by looking at charts & bible passages.

    Those things don’t work in the real world of human manipulations and random chances.

    Gold and Silver was and is created in the depths of stars, and when the explode, those heavier elements (& iron, lead and so many other elements that cannot be made outside the strong forces deep within stars), so if God is what you call a star, then yes, God made Gold & Silver was made by God-star.

    Who can have confidence in the Bible God who cannot even beat the 2HP iron chariots in Judges 1:19.

    Why do I keep harping on that one verse? Because supposedly, the entire bible is the true & faithful word of the perfect, all powerful, all knowing God and the Bible is perfect too, eh?

    So, the perfectly true bible says that God cannot be relied upon to be successful, powerful, or true, because some Goat herders took some of God’s creation (Horses, wood & iron), put them together as iron chariots, and BEAT God & God’s faithful man (Judah).

    In MY heart, a REAL God of all power, and truth, etc, is reliable 100% of the time and would NEVER lose, not for one day, one hour or one minute. Anything less is proof of BS.

    • Kevin

      ‘Here we go again’ @ Bo Polny and the whole Shemitah thing. When your previous predictions fail, just add a year to the original predicted date and voila – a new revelation!

    • Rdawg

      Yes, here we go again.

      This guy’s got some balls to try this shit again.

      Unfortunately, there are probably enough “believers” around to keep his newsletter afloat.

  • Bible Babble

    I’m getting damn tired of Bo scrambling to cover his ass by announcing over and over again “Time was correct.”

    He is clearly feeling the pain of so many people pointing out Bo’s failures and steadfast habit of having to re-calculate his predictions.

    We all expect 2016 to be the blow-out. But I did enjoy the nice piano background music, it helped to relax me from having to listen to Bo’s BooBooz.

    When it all blows up, I’m gonna throw up at all the self gratitude propaganda that Bo will be giving to himself and all the idiots who pay for his news letter.

    Thank goodness we have some much better speakers and analysts (Celente, Willie, Keiser, Schiff, and so many others.)
    Plenty of people do bring up some valid complaints for all the analysts out there, but at least Bo is not a Wall Street CheerLeader or FOX news business desk. Bo is on the right side of the collapse story, but I still don’t like him.

    Give me David Morgan, Mike Maloney, Hoffman, Max, Willie, Gerald, Holter, etc.

  • Scott

    Bo Loney (Bolonga). Garbage

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Hey Bo.

    “S.A.F.I.I.” (Stick A Fork In It).

    SYPH (Shut Your Pie Hole)

    (Recalculate Until You’re Right)

    Bo. (Shearing some sheeple with Bible cycles and money charts.)

    SNL-AL. (Sell News Letters-Apologize Later)

    NAYAW (Never Admit You Are Wrong)

    I’d like to see the CYCLE CHART showing when BO is going to be right?
    Can somebody do the BIBLE number calculations when Bo won’t sound like an idiot?

    PS. When is HELL scheduled to freeze?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Actually, I enjoyed that SGT brought us this entertaining bit of humor to poke fun at.

    We all needed a bit of Dart Board Practice, didn’t we?

    OK, now we are ready to poke more fun at YELLEN, Bernanke, Greenspan, Obama, Jeb, Cristi, Hillary, etc.

    Who will be next to fall into the Dunk Tank or get hit in the face at the Tomato Throwing?

  • Windrunner56

    I predict it will happen in 2017….or 2018, perhaps 2019, but for sure by 2020, er by 2015 for guaranteed certainty, and if not by then, 2050, cuz 7 cycles of 7 jubilees and 7 suspected shemitahs and 7 stock market tops and Gold bottoms, coupled with Bitcoins surge, together with the Yuan takeover of the Global Reserve Currency and with the 7th 7th happening of a Bo Polny prediction it WILL HAPPEN. GUARANTEED!!!!

    Book it boys and girls. Never wrong!!!!

    • Rdawg

      Yes, yes, but you neglected to calibrate your sinusoidal oscillatory muckenfutch constant to account for the Blood Moon!

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        OMG. How will Bo Polny calculate things if he has to incorporate the Blood moon and Nibiru & Planet X ?

        And for all the decades of “Daylight Savings Time” and Leap Year, and the changing from the Julian Calendar, the Gregorian Calender and Star-Trek Star Date 333.666.7-12?

        And how will the resignation of Pope Ratzinger and the next birthday of Queen Elizabeth change everything?

        And which bible will Bo be using, will it be the NIV? KJ? or perhaps Bo has been wrong a bit “off” because he was using the MORMON & Jehovah’s Witness bibles instead of the Dead Sea Scrolls?

        Did Bo remember to convert ancient Aramaic, Hebrew & Greek into Wall Street Lingo? And what about taking into account the remnants of words that came from ancient Babylonian, Sumerian, Caananite, Judaic, Persian & Syriac? How do THOSE translate into “FED SPEAK”?

        Don’t forget to count the MOLES and Freckles on Janet Yellen’s nipple and the hairs on Bernanke’s beanie top.

        Check Alan Greenspan’s scat for signs of the apocalypse and Mel Gibson’s empty booze bootles for signs of Mad Max.

        Oh, we could all go on forever about Bo and his amazing predictions and Astrological Charts.
        Does he also read palms and tea leaves?

        Magic Ouija Board of the Federal Reserve Goldmanites?

    • newfynew777

      a “pony ride” into the future! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! look out for that wild spotted Shemitah!

      “Bitcoin will go to zero”
      the Ponyboy will ride away into the sunset..
      my 2 predictions for 2016..

      gave up long,long ago [and so should the Pony] trying to predict PM prices,direction,or anything else PM’s,because TPTB [in American markets anyway]can and will do ANYTHING they want/please at ANYTIME they want/please to ANY entity or commodity they want/please..they could get Congress[they own the Congressman..including Rand Paul too btw..] to pass a law tomorrow,making PM possession absolutely illegal,if they so choose,or they could try to make possession of gold and/or silver absolutely illegal,
      and the possession of either,punishable by life in prison by proxy,or even under the NDAA or Patriot Act,and a corrupt judge[what judge isn’t now?] would sentence you and thugs/goons would take you away..THAT is the world we now live in..this Patriot Act would make it all perfectly legal simply under “national security” pretty frickin scary indeed..but..
      would everyone turn in their gold and silver? L no,but armed goons and thugs [that get a paycheck from TPTB] could and dam well would still try to come and get it and drag you away too,if their goons and thugs were simply told to do so to so by any corrupt cop captain,corporal,or LT. or a rural county sherrif..look what they did in Boston,and that was just looking for ONE NINETEEN YEAR OLD [INNOCENT AT THAT] TEEN! TPTB “could take the price of silver to zero if they wanted to,but you wouldn’t be able to get any..the moral of the story is this:
      the Zionists[the Fed and all levels and parts of our government..aka fascist government with a POTUS dick-tater] have TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERYTHING IN AMERICA FOR ALL INTENSIVE PURPOSES..they make the rules as they go,and again.. they have total power and control over everything..we are worthless insect goyim to TPTB-ZIONIST one is above them,NO ONE,as Alan Greenspan correctly stated on PBS in 2009..NO ONE tells them what they can or can’t do,and THEY CAN NOT BE OVER-RULED ON ANY ISSUE BY ANYONE..they are God for all intensive purposes,here in America anyway, and they CAN do whatever the L they want to do to anyone but there equals at the Fed..[the 13 or so private owners and their families]
      so forget about trying to predict ANYTHING about anything TPTB are in control of BoPonyBoy..
      it’s quite simple really..
      it is IMPOSSIBLE [not possible] to predict “ANYTHING” about and/or in a rigged and manipulated commodity futures market,or any other market..charts don’t mean ****..charts?…charts show you what the riggers rigged,and when the manipulation/rigging took place..period..although when the MacD lines cross,something big is is usually about to happen..usually,but not always because EVERYTHING IS RIGGED..EVERYTHING IS AN ILLUSION..A FRAUD..HOAX..SCAM..PONZI..BULL****..EVERYTHING..PERIOD! because the devil rules this place..why? because the POTUS treasonous traitor woodyrow wilson let him in here to stay for keeps in 1913..

      • Sayldog



        Reminds me of a local craigslist rant where the guy said “it’s not rock science!” Uh, no, that would be geology.

  • petedivine

    When a car impacts an unmovable object at speed there is a brief moment before the passengers feel the impact. I think our vehicle the U.S. Dollar has made impact we just haven’t felt it yet. I like Bo’s approach…not so much for the investment advice but for the entertainment value.

  • Windrunner56

    Personally I will wait till spring and see the groundhog sees his shadow. THAT my friends will be the determining factor. No more mumbo jumbo, go with the true facts!!!

  • Millicent

    Perhaps such useless nonsense like Polny’s is continually posted here in order to keep people engaged in mindless debate?

  • glitter 1

    Just as the night follows the day,sun follows the rain,flies to the honey,so too all the Bo Flies to his commentary!

    I just had to check the comments section to verify all the Bo Flies,yup there all here.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Attention Everybody,

    Did you guys ever notice that on Bo Polny’s YOUTUBE site, he has been DISABLING COMMENTS for his postings? Hahahaha.

    We all know WHY he does NOT want anybody to Post any comments about his videos is because so many people poke some pretty good FUN at what he posts.

    Compare that situation, with guys such as Celente, Maloney, Holter, Schiff, Keiser, Hoffman, Morgan, Faber, Rogers, Rickards, Rule, Sprott, etc, and these guys ALLOW comments and the comments are mostly appreciative of what was posted.

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