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The Paris Attacks Are Just The Beginning

from StormCloudsGathering:

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4 comments to The Paris Attacks Are Just The Beginning

  • anon

    The Paris attacks are just the beginning? Probably. Why? So that, the “elites” of the West (or, International Jewry) can attempt to get their NWO, or JWO (“New” World Order, or Jew World Order).

    “ISIS is USUS” – John B. Wells

    Turkey has been party to oil deals with ISIL/ISIS/IS – & Turkey is a NATO member. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the top two terror promoting states in the Middle East, primarily versus Shiites, in Syria, Iran, Iraq, and elsewhere, and Saudi Arabia is allied with the UK, US, and Israel. The “JewK” (UK), “JewSA” (USA), “EJew” (EU) and Israel (all run by the International Khazarian Mafia = Western International Central Bankers, and all their “globalist” allies & minions) will get much mileage out of the “ISIS” (USUS) threat, to further impoverish and enslave their general populations – ie., goyim (cattle) in those respective countries. The “elites” of the West are working together to help each other out, at the expense of their respective domestic populations. Will there be further 9/11-style events (only far worse?) within the U.S., to be blamed on “ISIS” (USUS)? Don’t rule it out. If they could stand down (at least) on 9/11, what is to stop them from either committing or allowing something far worse?

  • Christine

    The beginning of what?

    For me, it is the evidence of the end of unsustainable systems. Of course there will be casualties! Get out of those system before they collapse and you won’t be a casualty.

  • Silver Shield

    I wonder if SCG is second guessing his move to be disarmed in France?

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