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The Only Hope to Save Britain?

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Landlords are joining together to challenge the Conservative’s (i.e. Tory’s) tax hike by filing a suit in the high court against their tax increase on “buy-to-let” investment properties. One of the reasons I have stated that Maggie Thatcher herself would have broken away from the Conservatives and started her own third party is demonstrated by this abusive tax on property investment. The Conservatives are acting more like communists in London these days, for this tax plans to prevent landlords by offsetting mortgage interest costs against rental profits before calculating tax. So in other words, they are preventing the leverage in real estate, which means this can only create a one-sided complete collapse.

Thatcher-Federal Europe

David Cameron is perhaps the WORST Conservative in British history. He is doing everything possible to remain in the league with Brussels. Cameron’s comment after rigging the Scottish vote to ensure Scotland could not leave the UK was shocking. He said the vote settled the question “for a generation”, revealing his pro-government posture and anti-Democratic undertone. This posture goes all the way to agree with Brussels, and Cameron’s arrogance (see video of his speech) was just stunning. His promise for a referendum to leave the EU was a bullshit ploy; he never expected he would actually stand a chance to win.

Now Cameron is scared to death and has the bankers frightening everyone by saying that Britain would collapse if they tried to leave the EU, which is insane since the bankers themselves will fall if they remain inside the EU with what is on the horizon. Cameron called on the bankers to spread propaganda, claiming that if Scotland left the UK, then the bankers would all move to London. EVERYTHING Maggie Warned about has come true under her own party. Thatcher was always clear that a single currency was all about the federalization of Europe through the back door. Cameron should watch the debate back in 1990 on this issue,

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10 comments to The Only Hope to Save Britain?

  • dan

    The USA..have taken the same road as to ‘ losing their minds’…for here in the USA there are NO conservatives…just socialist…and RINO.s……Those that tell you they are for freedom , roll over and do what ever the ‘leadership’ tells them to…for they refuse to ‘fight’ against their own party and make it rowdy as they have refused to obey the voters that elected them to office….there is no more time for this nation to have the House be kind to traitors and liars….’go along to get along’ MUST be challenged ….imho

    • Ed_B

      Exactly right, Dan. Apparently, they have forgotten that we use ballots instead of bullets to affect political change ONLY when ballots actually work. When voter fraud and stuffed ballot boxes eliminate the possibility of affecting political change via voting, then OTHER means can and WILL be used. The American colonial Founding Fathers did not VOTE the British out of the colonies… they fought them and shoved them out. As has been said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. – Thomas Jefferson

      Apparently, it is once again “that time’.

  • Thomas

    I dont care how they pop this horrendous house price bubble as long as they do.
    Our children have no chance.

  • Ed_B

    “Maggie Thatcher herself would have broken away from the Conservatives and started her own third party is demonstrated by this abusive tax on property investment.”

    No, Mrs. Thatcher was a professional politician. She would not have made a rookie mistake like splitting her party’s vote and handing victory to their opponents. Only an idiot would do that and she was a very astute person.

  • Christine

    I have to ask…

    Who would want to “save” Britain anyway?

  • Rdawg

    I like bourbon too. Not surprising, since early Kentucky settlers were Scots-Irish.
    Fuck, I’m a little bit drunk…

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