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The Crash Scenario for 2016 Begins to Unfold

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

The Federal Reserve has launched its first torpedo at the U.S. economy, as the One Bank prepares for its bubble-bursting orgy in 2016, and all of the financial raping-and-pillaging which will come with it.

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…and now we begin to see some firm DETAILS materialize, via the portions of the Script which are being telegraphed to us today, via the mainstream propaganda machine.

U.S. Bank Sees Potential For Gold, Oil To Uptick In 2016, Three U.S. Rate Hikes

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Completely disregard the first half of the title. The banksters (and media mouthpieces) are constantly making “predictions” for commodities prices in both directions — including gold and silver.

Why argue against themselves? To create investor paralysis: deer-in-the-headlights syndrome. Should I be a buyer or a seller? Indeed, with the banksters having complete control over our so-called “markets” they may have any fixed plan for these pseudo-markets next year — but will simply react to the chaos they create by pushing/pulling these markets in whatever direction provides them with short-term benefit.

No, the key part of the title is the last half:

…Three U.S. Rate-Hikes.

This is something which I have already predicted in my earlier efforts at predicting the Script. The Fed will (on behalf of the One Bank) try to ease U.S. interest rates all the way up to 1% (lol!) before detonating the economy.

As I’ve already explained, the reason for this is simple. If they blew-up the economy immediately, after it took SEVEN YEARS for the Fed to go from 0% interest to 0.25% interest (lol!!) even many of the media Zombies would begin to realize that there was never any “U.S. Recovery”. A strong economy does not go “ka-boom” because the benchmark interest rate of its central banks moves 1/4%.

:silly: :silly:

The problem is that I don’t think there is any way they can hold the Ponzi-scheme (i.e. U.S. economy) together long enough to get the U.S. interest rate “all the way” to 1%, via more 1/4% increases — not unless they do the increases rapid-fire, every month. But in that scenario, it becomes extremely obvious that the Fed is trying to blow-up the economy — and creates DIFFERENT problems for the banking crime syndicate.

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