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Texas Cops Now Pull You Over For “Driving Safely” To “Reward” You

from Spiro:

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3 comments to Texas Cops Now Pull You Over For “Driving Safely” To “Reward” You

  • Eric

    Los Angeles…Most of the time I feel quite safe and invisible here.

    Just surrounded by absolute idiots and foreigners.

    The best place to hide is in plain sight.

    • Ed_B

      OMG, Eric. If I was to put together a list of 10,000 places to be safe in the US when the SHTF, LA would NOT be on it. GTF outta there, man! ASAP!!!

      • Eric

        Nah, I’m stayin. Packin up. Still plan on leaving. But I’m nowhere near the city.

        I didn’t say it was safe. I just said I feel quite safe. I know it’s false security. But it’s not what you might think of when you think of Los Angeles Ed. I’m in a somewhat secluded area of the burbs. Nobody ever looks at me here. They are completely ego obsessed and pre-occupied. Not too bright either. I’m not very flashy and I don’t stand out.

        But California doesn’t seem to be on their priority list like some of the more freedom loving areas of America. Texas for instance. That gas leak is pretty concerning though.

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