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TDV Interview Series, Trace Mayer: Bitcoin Evolves as a Superior Store of Value

from The Dollar Vigilante:

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18 comments to TDV Interview Series, Trace Mayer: Bitcoin Evolves as a Superior Store of Value

  • tomche

    Bitcoin is cool idea..but with the psychopaths in charge, I really don’t see it as anything more than a distraction. I mean, so what if they turned off the power? Then what?
    In a purely electric world, devoid from shutdowns, brown outs and black outs… it’s a GREAT idea. But absent the stability and reliability of constant, uninterruptible power…um, I don’t thing so….when the lights go out, so too go the lights on bitcoin, and that is hardly a store of value…

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Wow, you guys really think the Bankers are gonna go back to a gold standard. If you didn’t know it already the same central banks run this country and just about every country around the world. They make policy and regulation and control the mode of confidence when it comes to asset classes. Most people do not know anything about precious metals and would not know what to do with it in a SHTF scenario. The pattern I see is we have been slowly weened off precious metals into accepting digital things as a store value. Examples we went from a gold standard to a cash standard to now we are over 90% digital currency and less than 10% real cash. These are not accidents nor coincidences. Bitcoin was created by the Elite as a metric of accounting and a store of value for Global Trade. Whether you believe in digital currency or not you will be herded in that direction. What do I mean by herded? Examples: precious metals will either not rise in time of distress, people not have access to PM in hard times, banks confiscation due to insolvency and government heavily taxing accounts over certain amounts, banning cash, negative interest rates and a Big rise in Bitcoin or some other digital currency causing people to run to the next big thing. The Bankers are trying to blow up the old system and start a new system of which people are already begging for. And these are their plans. Pretty obvious to me but I’m 10x smarter than the average sheeple, lol. Do what you want to do. I own Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Rhodium but whose counting. Good luck stacking though, I could be wrong.

    • Eric

      “Wow, you guys really think the Bankers are gonna go back to a gold standard.”

      Yep. They have no choice.

      Enjoy your RFID chip. Make sure you behave so they don’t switch you off. We don’t need precious metals to rise. I hope they get cheaper actually. Bitcoin is NOT a store of value. It is a currency. That’s all. It has no value whatsoever. And they’re not trying to blowup the system. They know it’s at the end and want to do everything to keep you from buying PM’s because they just don’t have them. You might THINK you are 10x smarter than the average sheeple but you sound like either a troll or a total dummy to me.

      I don’t have a problem with bitcoin. but stop saying such stupid lies.

      • thinking outside the matrix

        I’ve made money off PM and Bitcoin bc I live outside the matrix. You have one foot in and one foot out and unfortunately you can’t see what’s going on very well. I say protect yourself the best you can. I’m just trying to give people heads up bc I see a big rise in Bitcoin at the end of next year or even sooner. If you want to be all in in PM I’m fine with that. The greatest opportunity will be in Bitcoin. Those that can see what’s going on will be rewarded and those that can’t will miss the opportunity. Take care.

        • Eric

          If you live outside the matrix as you say, then why are you saying “I’ve made money off PM and Bitcoin?” Gold and Silver are money. Everything else is credit. If you want to say, “I’ve increased my currency position from buying and selling precious metals” then you might have some credibility. Words have meaning. Use them correctly.

          I disagree with you respectfully about the greatest opportunity being in bitcoin. The greatest opportunity to preserve your wealth is in Silver. If you want to make more rapidly devalued fiat currency, perhaps you can do it in bitcoin, but there is a risk factor involved just like there is with equities. I see no risk on PM’s. The dollar price can go lower. But as the wise old Indian guy that owns the store down the street just told me, “why would you ever sell man?” Play the jewish money changing game at your own risk.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    You don’t think the Elite know how to push the price of Precious Metals down to break people’s confidence? Wow, you underestimate the Elite. I figured this out 2 years ago when I kept seeing Gold and Silver commercials on Fox and conservative radio shows . I thought to myself something is definitely fishy on the PM side. Price has kept moving down even with high demand. The Elite want Bitcoin to replace Gold as a store of value. They own the media and the talking heads and they own the minds of the sheeple.

    • Eric

      When you discover there is a problem with the current system, the Elite want you to put your hard earned capital into crypto currencies which didnt take any labor or capital to create. Bitcoin will never replace Gold as a store of value because bitcoin has no intrinsic value.

      • thinking outside the matrix

        Unfortunately we have had this conversation many times when Bitcoin was $230, $330, and now it’s $460. How much did your PM rise in that time? Did it decline? Was it a store of value? You said you will still keep investing in PM even if it goes to a dollar an oz. Wow, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting to get different results, lol. At some point you got to ask yourself what the hell is going on and fortunately for me that was a couple years ago. Take Care and I guess keep stacking.

        • Eric

          How much Gold and Silver were removed from the market in that time? Or how much confidence in the dollar was lost in that time? If you want to chase a buck, be my guest. I would prefer to build wealth.

          If silver goes to one US dollar, does that mean it is WORTH one US dollar? This is war! How many fiat dollars I have is irrelevent. How much freedom I have and how much liberty I preserve is much more important.

          Here’s a question… I can easily make the case as many have before that the true value of silver is closer to $1000/oz. What VALUE does bitcoin have? Please do not confuse the words “value” and “price.” What is the true value of a cryptocurrency that doesn’t take any labor or capital to create it?

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Peter Schiff and Mike Maloney are great thinkers that understand real economics but unfortunately don’t do enough accounting for the manipulation by the Global Elite and their Global Agenda. The Elite hate Gold because it’s a metric for accountability and it’s too slow for Global Trade in our current system obsessed with speed. The Banking system as we know it today will not exist. The Bankers are trying to destroy Central Banking by making it look incompetent and replace it with a Global central Bank mostly run by computers. Think about it all central banks are acting in accord to debase all currency around the world. You don’t know think they know that they will get backlash from the people. The Solution will be a false solution to End Central banking to replace it with a Global Central Bank and Bitcoin or some other digital Currency will be looked as the NEW Gold. All by design. I still think that national currency might still be around but I’m not totally sure. It could go either way.

    • Eric

      Central Banking looks incompetent because it is run by people that are incompetent. Bankers aren’t trying to destroy themselves.

      Why would you fall for THEIR solution? They created the problem. So you’re going to use their solution? Good luck. One more time. Bitcoin is not nor ever will be the “new gold” because it has no store of value (among other reasons).

      • thinking outside the matrix

        Unfortunately Eric they way I see it you have a choice between devalued Banker Fiat dollars or Banker Created Bitcoins. They’re are both the same but one will be used as a tool to transfer wealth away from the 1st world to the 3rd world in an agenda to so call Balance the the wealth of the world. This wealth transfer could happen through PM but I am convinced that it will most likely happen through Bitcoin just bc of the amount of attention it’s getting by banking institutions (positive). Pretty obvious to me. Do what you want to do. This information is not meant for you. Nothing I say means anything to you and I’m sure you will always have something to refute it with no matter the validity of my comments. Take care.

        • Eric

          Well I don’t want to argue man. You have obviously done your homework. But the “greatest wealth transfer” is a global event. It isn’t just between the 1st world and the 3rd world. It’s everywhere because every country still uses a debt based fiat currency.

          If one wants lots of currency, that is fine until the day it isn’t. The grid goes down, an EMP, your account is turned off, etc. You can exchange 1 bitcoin for 28 ounces of silver right now with some dealers. Why not just exchange the fiat for metal now and save yourself the time and hassle? It’s not like there is a huge supply of silver out there.

          I don’t understand why you want to support the same banksters that have declared war on you and your family. It’s major stockholm syndrome when you think about it.

          I’m more along the lines of Bix. Having 1-2% in Bitcoin and 90% silver…okay fine. But I am not in this to make more shekels. I already made my shekels. I’m in it to win the war. I mean I can do what you do too and go tell everyone that the XLE exchange traded fund is about to go up (in price), but that doesn’t solve the problem.

  • Millicent

    Bitcoin or whatever you want to call it, is being foisted upon the general public.

    A cashless society is the desired outcome. PM’s will be outlawed along with accompanying harsh penalties.

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