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Stock Market to get MUCH UGLIER from here – Bo Polny Interview

from FutureMoneyTrends:

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5 comments to Stock Market to get MUCH UGLIER from here – Bo Polny Interview

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    My BS detector seems to go into “alert mode” when I listen to Bo Polney talking.

    My head gets sleepy, my eyes gloss over, and Bo seems to do a lot of talking just like a used car salesman trying to push a bad deal onto me.

    Would you trust to buy a car from Bo or from Mike Maloney, Schiff, etc.?

    I’d trust Mike, Peter, Celente, Morgan, Holter, but not Polney or Arthur Laffer, Bernanke, Yellen, Obama, anybody from Goldman, JPM, or any big bank etc.

  • jskauai

    I do hope Bo is correct and all manipulations must end. Any price interference is a manipulation. MY biggest fear is that they can manage price upward only allowing miners to be profitable to avoid shortages. This can be done over many years. All one should hope be able to accomplish is by buying low then taking some profits when the price rises enough, then buying back when price go back down. Also we can use silver/gold as a store of value while keeping some metal as an insurance policy for whatever.

  • Ferrari

    “Thank you for reaching out to me” Sigh

    “Oops, I am still unable to calculate basic dates properly (I recently used this as an excuse for yet another wrong forecast) hence my November wrong forecasts. But don’t worry, I am learning as I go along and regardless of the fact that my only job is to get dates correct, please stick with me” Sigh

    “Gold $2,000, Silver 50$ 2014, oops I mean 2015, oops I mean 2016” Sigh

    Wish some interviewer would do their research and stop tip-toeing around the subject when talking to this guy.

  • newfynew777

    i have a few questions..
    is the “final final” low that Bo discusses in this interview,lower than just a “final” low?and if it is and is[if..that is,there is a final final low,and one would and should certainly believe there is if there is a final low.. right?] therefore, a final final final low should in fact be lower than a final final low? since there is in fact[according to Bo]a final final low,but then there could be and should be a final final final low,that’s lower than a final low or a final final low..but then that brings up too,the possibility of a final final final final low that should be [I would think] lower than a final low,a final final low,or a final final final low AND that brings up what most PM stackers believe is the absolute low..that being the final final final final final low,which[i would think] is lower than a final low,a final final low,a final final final low,or a final final final final low,or are they really all about the same and adding the additional low just “SEEMS” like a final low? or is a final final low that Bo speakith of, lower than just a regular final low? or is a final final final low in fact absolutely w/o a shred of doubt,lower than a final final low? or are they all the same low in reality,regardless of the amounts of finals[2] that Bo uses to stress an absolute bottom,and therefore puts a final final in front of his “low”? but Bo did in fact say[ i heard it plain as day] that the low in gold was a final final low? but that would leave me to believe[100%] that a final final low IS indeed lower than just a “final” low,therefore a final final final low,a final final final final low,and a final final final final final low is in fact lower than a final low,or a final final low? at least that’s the way i interpreted his comment about gold hitting a new final final low.. correct?
    my other question is:
    “who’s on first”?
    it seems Craig Hemke STOLE the name “Turd” from the real precious metal turd,Bo,the Pony that laid the golden many golden turds in fact,I’ve lost track..long ago..but.,.in all fairness,Gerald Celente has been as wrong as the Pony boy,as have many others in their precious metal pre-DICK-shuns..
    don’t these guys get it yet?
    charts are MEANINGLESS!!!!!EVERYDAMTHING TPTB and the BLS TELL US IS A FRICKIN LIE AND IS MEANINGLESS!!!one thing though is crystal clear..
    PHYSICAL SILVER [you can hold it in your hand at any time,and it is NOT sitting in a vault at the Perth Mint NINE THOUSAND,FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE MILES AWAY!!!!THAT IS ONE L OF A LONG SWIM FOLKS!!do you really believe the Perth Mint will send EuroPac and/or you your silver or gold WTEconomicCollapseSHTF? A:keep dreaming dreamer..
    btw..SILVER IS CURRENTLY ON SALE IN THE BARGAIN BASEMENT BELOW THE REGULAR BARGAIN BASEMENT! SILVER IS CURRENTLY THE BUY OF THE CENTURY![ silver is currently selling for around $5 an oz. in 1990 inflation adjusted dollars],AND IF YOU ARE A WISE OL critter..
    securing a TOP OF THE LINE water filtration system,x-tra filters,
    and storable food[preferably freeze dried]
    ..#1 and #2 respectively top of the list must haves..then and only then can you can back up the truck and fill it with physical silver..[and lead and gold if gold is your ding]personally i believe silver “should” be more expensive than gold!
    the world ran out of gold? not much at all would change[except a few folks who be a lot less wealthy]..if the world ran out of silver? the modern world would end..INSTANTLY..
    and then there is the absolute insane and ridiculous gold to silver,75-1,price ratio,
    and that there is currently over 25,000 uses for industrial silver,
    including solar panels which they can’t make fast enough in China,and they must have REAL silver to make them..the recent “using aluminum in the place of silver for solar panels” story? IMHO it is a bluff,but can’t confirm or deny it not being in the solar panel thing is for sure though..
    silver[and gold] is real money..a hard asset..real insurance against the possibility of suddenly worthless dollars and/or Wiemar Germany and
    Zimbabwe super-duper- suddenlyhyperinflationville,where a can of Coke suddenly costs $100,000,000,000,000.00..or buys NOTHING..
    your paper dollars will still be great for starting fireplace fires[as it was in Wiemar] or maybe come in handy as toilet paper if you can get it soft[compressing it into a tight wad and unfolding it,over and over and over about 10 thousand times till it softens,and rinsing,washing, and using again and again and again..bringing up this stinky topic,because so many who have gone thru economic collapses say the one thing they forgot was buying lots of x-tra john paper..

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      +1000 final final high, or was it the low high before the final final final high. Let me check my Boloney Charts.

      Physical silver, yep. That’s the way to do it. Ignore the circus acts. Boloney is just trying to prevent his news-letter business from collapsing. He’s afraid he may have to go looking for a REAL job (physical labor). Oh the HORROR.

      I wonder if Bo knows how to shingle a roof, or change a transmission? I doubt if he can even change a garbage disposal or install a toilet.

      If he wants to survive, he better be gay, because ain’t nobody else gonna hire him for anything that is not sucking up. (he does have the face of a “pretty priest”, and a really strange, creepy look on his face, eh?)

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