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Silver is Now a BUCK in 1980 Dollars — SRS ROCCO


Excellent economics and silver researcher Steve St. Angelo from SRS Rocco joins me to discuss all things silver… and the deflationary economic collapse. Thanks for joining us.

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62 comments to Silver is Now a BUCK in 1980 Dollars — SRS ROCCO

  • Eric

    Excellent! Thanks guys. Glad I’m sitting on a huge stack of 1980 dollars. I wonder what the price of Silver will be in 2050. Sweet blowout deal from the Doc…

    Money stock skyrockets while money velocity sinks…

    • Ed_B

      “I wonder what the price of Silver will be in 2050.”

      Let me guess… HIGHER! Perhaps a LOT higher.

      If I live to see that, I’ll be 101 years old. lol

  • Eric

    Wow! 533 tons of Silver imported into the US this year!

    It doesn’t matter if it goes to Zero. It’s a lot closer to Zero than it is to $1,000/oz.

    It’s always a buying opportunity. It is NEVER a selling opportunity. You don’t sell money. You exchange it for goods and services. When the Fed loses all credibility to the general public, Silver and Gold will circulate back into the economy.

    • KRELL427

      The real pain will be felt by the people holding paper claims on gold and silver and the masses as they panic into a space where no physical metals are to be had at any price. Until that day its happy stacking at bargain prices.

    • Suzanne

      … and India is on target for absorbing 1/3 of the world’s silver production?
      We know the COMEX may be able to stomp the price of silver down to $1, but you won’t be able to find it for that.
      My local dealers have very little in the showcase these days, and their premiums have gone up.

    • Ed_B

      “When the Fed loses all credibility to the general public, Silver and Gold will circulate back into the economy.”

      Indeed so. But only knuckleheads think that the Fed has any credibility now. Oh, well. Some are always late to the party. I feel sorry for those suffering from terminal normalcy bias. When the hammer falls, they will be caught between it and the anvil… CRUSH!

      Those of us who have real money will be able to do what we need to do. Those without real money are in for one pi$$-poor miserable time. I suspect that many of them will not make it through the SHTF time. That’s sad but very Darwinian. It’s the kids who have my sympathy and who will receive any help that I can offer. They have no choice in any of this… unlike their boneheaded parents.

  • Eric

    Here’s a fun exercise for anyone losing faith.

    Compare a crisp clean one dollar FRN to one of these…$1_Coin_Program

    Then compare them both to a 1 oz Silver Eagle (one dollar)

    What value does each of these 3 have?

    • Ed_B

      Comparisons? You want comparisons? How about a demo where an ASE or a silver dollar is held in the flame of a Bunsen burner for a few seconds with forceps while the demonstrator says “Money”. He sets it down and then picks up a US $1 FRN and holds that in the flame for a few seconds while saying “Not money”. This could be repeated with various other things like acid, a shredder, etc. After a few demos, even the sheeple will start getting it. Money. Not money. Which would you rather have during hard times? 😉

  • Sam

    Awesome interview and insights Sean, hope this one too goes viral !

    • Ed_B

      Yep… and not just WW-I but virtually every war since the 1700s plus just about every “panic” and depression as well. All of these things are milking machines used by the banksters to loot and pillage nations of their wealth… and, boy, do they!

  • Eric

    Speaking of 1980…

    • Ed_B

      Now that was a blast from the past! lol

      I never had a VIC-20 or a C-64 but I did have an Apple ][+, and Apple //e, an Amiga 500, and then an Amiga 3000. Now the 3000 was a sweet machine, especially in its final 68040 config. It did things that no other computer could do… then or now. It had a terrific demo where it ran 4 different operating systems at the same time… UNIX, AmigaDOS, Windows, and Linux… each in its own screen at different resolutions. Good stuff, that. But, alas… I eventually fell to the Dark Side of things and went with a PC. lol

      • Eric

        I had a Texas instruments something or other and that couldn’t do much. I remember using the II+ and the IIe. Never got my first computer until 1996 and that was a Mac Performa 6400.

        I was watching a lot of commercials from back then at christmas time. I suppose it was all kodak disc cameras, m&m’s and mcdonalds. How much more complicated things have gotten.

        • Ed_B

          There sure have… especially to those of us who remember the “Happy Days” of the 1950s. 😉

        • lastmanstanding

          I remember in, I think it was 1966 or 67 when McD’s sign turned to “over 1 million sold”.

          You could get a real burger, real fries, and choc. shake with real whole milk and hershies chocolate for a buck.

          • Ed_B

            “You could get a real burger, real fries, and choc. shake with real whole milk and hershies chocolate for a buck.”

            We sure could and it was GOOD… not filled with “pink slime” and every other BS additive known to man.

            OK, that buck was 4 silver quarters back in the day. Those quarters are worth about $10 in today’s fiat, so getting a good burger, shake, and fries for $10 is very possible today. This is the entire reasoning behind stacking PMs… to preserve our buying power for the day when this same meal costs $50 in FRNs or an oz. of silver.

  • Suzanne

    This is a great interview. I forwarded it to a bunch of people.

    I got one for you… been commenting on various articles on
    I explain how we got here and the fact of so much oil production and the death of shale oil… derivatives on everything, particularly oil and gas. I got told by a couple of suited trolls to take the tinfoil hat off. These suits are engaged in total willful ignorance in the face of collapse.

    • KRELL427

      They are scared of the truth jeopardizing their criminal gravey train.Can you imagine how scared the cancer industry is of people waking up to the fact that $3 dollar baking soda is more effective than all their fancy equipment ,procedures and drugs.

    • lastmanstanding

      A friend of mine helps distribute food for a local organization at Christmas. he told me this morn that most of the boxes distributed this year were to families who last year had spouses that worked in the oil fields. We are in Montana.

      The oil biz here from what I have heard is 60% on its ass from a year ago. Hundreds of folks,(both men and women) from our area were working in the Balken. Many are done…for good…and right back where they started. People just don’t realize that the earth, the planet or just plain life gives you the same fucking lesson over and over again until you get it.

      Once you get your ass kicked, you can never go back doing the same thing. You MUST chose another path and it had better be the scariest one and the word FAIL shouldn’t even be one that you recognize. Guys like trump are no exception to this rule. Don’t let him or anyone else shit you, he is owned by someone…and we know who that is. Those billions that he has aren’t his…take a moment to do some research if necessary to see who has his ass leveraged to the max.

      I really believe in my heart that if people like us can’t make it…no one will. You must put your faith in real things that come from the earth. Don’t worry about the past, look forward to today and hope and pray that there is a tomorrow that you will be able to deal with.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • Ed_B

      They very well could be paid trolls who do their best to obscure the truth. They used the “tin foil hat” argument on those of us who pointed out the LIBOR rigging too… until it hit the fan and it was proved that they were rigging LIBOR. It’s not a very big step from LIBOR rigging to general market rigging and, of course, silver and gold price rigging. This last is being done to support the US$ and to keep people from discovering the value inherent in gold and silver. Both of these are competing currencies, so are forced lower to prop up the US$ and other fiat currencies… most of which are not doing all that well these days.

  • Gnostic

    Silver is Now a BUCK in 1980 Dollars — SRS ROCCO

    Thanks Jews!

  • Glenn

    Sean if you read this man Im beat down and tired these bankers are relentless. Trying to force out every short position possible. 33, married 2 kids and working my butt off to live and support my family. Still trying to invest as much as i can into silver. Accumulated a good sizeable stack but feeling really depressed about the situation with silver prices. I believe that your right but just dont know how long i can hold on anymore. Been listen since 2010 and love your work just need some motivation right now.. HELP!!

    • Gnostic


      I assume you are a white man, We are all in the same boat, Here’s what you can do……..This advice might save your ass in a FEMA prison,

      • Eric

        Yeah I know a lot of irresponsible 50-60 year old guys in Hollywood who still don’t have the slightest clue what a “man” is at all.

        Boy I would love to slap some of them stupid.

    • Ed_B

      Hang on, Glenn. You are doing WAY better than most because you know real money when you see it and you are trading some soft fiat paper money for some hard money that works great during hard times… unlike about 95% of our fellow citizens.

      Just think of your silver stack as if it was the world’s best insurance policy. No one complains that their life insurance policy hasn’t paid off yet, so why complain if your “Oh, S***!” insurance policy hasn’t paid off? Personally, I hope that my PM stack doesn’t pay off for a long time. I hope that it is a good long while before the SHTF and some real pain is felt in the US and around the world. Our stacks can become legacies for our families that they can use should the SHTF during their lifetime. When it is needed, those who have it will be VERY happy that their dad / mom, grand dad / mom, or great grand dad / mom had the foresight to set it aside for his / her family. Having that could very well make the difference between life and death for them or between living and living well. Either way, it is a remarkably cheap investment for what it can do when things go terribly wrong.

    • Christine


      Hang on. Think about how much more we know than we did in 2007. Think how we all were taken by surprised and some decision to bailout big banks was shoved down everyone’s throat by suit-and-tie we still respected, wrongly believing that they were honoring the social contract.

      I know it’s not what you want to read but… it may get worse before it gets better. That’s not the important point, even though it feels like an insurmountable task. What you need to focus on is this: all the unlawful systems are crumbling. As Jim Willie states here, we are returning to the rule of law. It will take time: we didn’t get where we are overnight. We can’t expect to get to the other side of it overnight. Concentrate on what it will be like, when we pass that hurdle. For one thing, your children will have something you never had: access to the truth. Right now, teach them to question everything, all the time. That’s a gift you can give them now and which will serve them all of their life.

      This dates from before the Fed rate increase. Overlook that and listen to the overall picture. We ARE returning to the rule of law. And the dollar is dead. The Us are the only country not to know about it.

    • Eric


      I noticed you said, “Still trying to invest as much as i can into silver.”

      Silver is down in dollar terms but up in every other currency. Think about where else you can “invest.” Stocks are overvalued, Bonds don’t pay anything, real estate is risky. Guns certainly have some store of value and no doubt a huge pantry of 6 months of storable food will put your mind at ease. But these days are the worst time to “invest.” Capital preservation should take priority over capital appreciation. Silver went from $3 to $49 in 10 years. Certainly it needed to consolidate for 5 years. But we are NOT “investing.” We are SAVING! 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time. Hang in there and keep stacking and working your butt off while you are young. It only gets harder to do so as you get older.

      Price discovery will happen. It has to. They can’t do this without consequences. The best part will be the look on Jamie Dimon’s face when silver reaches true price discovery. I call that an added bonus!

  • Gnostic

    @SGT, I hope I don’t appear to be against Jews.

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