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Shock Video Shows Cop Gun Down Mentally Ill Man Armed with Pen

by Adan Salazar, Infowars:

The San Diego district attorney’s office has finally released footage showing the shocking moment a law enforcement officer gunned down a mentally ill man armed with a pen.

The incident happened on April 30 when San Diego Police Officer Neal Browder was summoned to a bookstore investigating reports of a knife-wielding man threatening people.

Warning: Video features graphic content. Viewer discretion advised.

The video, taken from a nearby store’s surveillance camera, shows Afghan army veteran and PTSD sufferer Fridoon Rawshan Nehad walking toward Officer Browder’s cruiser before the officer leaps out and proceeds to fire multiple shots.

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis argued Tuesday following release of the video that the footage did not accurately portray the moments leading up to the fatal shooting.

“Viewing the video alone provides an incomplete picture of what happened that night,” Dumanis said. “The community should have the ability to weigh the video along with other evidence that provides a complete picture.”

Speaking at a press conference, Dumanis also showed a close-up of the pen Nehad was twirling in his hand before he was shot, and attempted to illustrate how the officer could have perceived the “shiny object” to be a deadly weapon.

In November Dumanis announced the district attorney’s office would not file charges against Officer Browder, citing an independent expert’s opinion that he used deadly force in order to suppress an immediate threat to his life.

Officer Browder also told investigators he was certain he would have been stabbed if he had not acted quickly.

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2 comments to Shock Video Shows Cop Gun Down Mentally Ill Man Armed with Pen

  • Arlan Haak

    As a side note & as a homeless street kind of person for a number of yrs.. Their is a phenomenon out there among the population to call the police on people doing things that the observer finds offensive or distasteful to their standards. To justify this they purposefully call 911 with false claims or exaggerated offenses. I’ve had police show up & tell me they got a call saying I was doing this or had that. Just stop to say as much. No extra adjectives or conclusions. Have a great day!

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