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Russian Sanctions and the EU – Subcontractor of the Empire

by Pater Tenebrarum,

A Vile Policy

The EU recently decided to shoot itself into the foot some more, by extending economic sanctions against Russia by another six months. The pretext offered for this utterly idiotic decision was that Russia had failed to fulfill the Minsk agreement because Ukraine’s eastern borders are not yet back under Kiev’s control.

As Bavarian politician Horst Seehofer pointed out, the EU neglected to mention the fact that Ukraine’s government has actually failed to fulfill the Minsk agreement as well – in fact, it has yet to implement its by far most important demand. This in turn is the very reason why the Eastern Ukrainian separatists are refusing to relinquish control of the border. The core of the Minsk agreement – the necessary precondition for a political solution – is that the Eastern Ukrainian regions are to be given a large degree of political autonomy. This is precisely the part of the agreement Kiev has so far failed to implement.

Germany’s bilateral trade with Russia has plunged by €17 billion in 2015 – compared to 2012, that is (we suspect the y/y data are even worse). Representatives of industry in Europe have manned the barricades against the senseless sanctions, complaining that they are “hostages of an anti-Russia policy”, alas to no avail. In order to fully understand how vile this policy is, one only has to consider who is actually paying for it – and who isn’t.

The high-ranking members of the EU’s bureaucratic and political class responsible for these decisions are making more money than 99% of the people who are earning their income by economic means. The latter are however creating the wealth that is confiscated by governments to pay the salaries of the former. The sanctions meanwhile are hitting specific groups of people – namely those working in the industries that are targeted by the EU sanctions and/or Russia’s counter-sanctions.

They have not been asked if they are consenting to this policy – they are just expected to swallow the bitter pill without demur. The bureaucrats and politicians will make just as much money as before, but they callously inflict this plight on other people, in unequal measure to boot (to add insult to injury, the same taxpayers are also stumping up for the countless billions thrown down the Ukrainian black hole by the EU and the IMF). Meanwhile, in Russia itself, it is not Mr. Putin or his colleagues and friends who are suffering due to the sanctions – the suffering is strictly reserved for poor and middle class citizens, who have been hit hard by the large decline in the ruble’s external value.

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