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Russia Imposes Economic Sanctions On Turkey

from The Sleuth Journal:

Antagonizing Russia is foolhardy. Erdogan’s reckless act is proving costly. Putin’s promised payback is proceeding.

On Saturday, responding to Erdogan’s aggression, he signed an “Executive Order on measures to ensure Russia’s national security and protection of Russian citizens against criminal and other illegal acts and on the application of special economic measures against Turkey.”

It “restricts foreign economic operations envisaging imports to the Russian Federation of certain goods originating in the Turkish Republic in line with a register determined by the government of the Russian Federation (exclusive of the goods brought into the Russian Federation for individual use in the amounts permitted by the laws of Eurasian Economic Union).”

It bans or restricts Turkish organizations from conducting certain types of activity in Russia. Effective January 1, Russian employers are prohibited from hiring Turkish nationals. Current Turkish employees aren’t affected.

Charter flights to Turkey are banned. Travel agencies suspended arranging tours. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said some current and planned joint projects are frozen.

Illegal presence and movement of Turkish vessels in the Sea of Azov and Black Sea are prohibited. Visa free travel for Turkish nationals visiting Russia is suspended effective January 1. Turkish diplomats and their families aren’t affected. Sergey Lavrov announced the action – calling it “not an empty threat but a real warning.”

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry advised its nationals to avoid all non-essential travel to Russia. Tourism accounts for 11% of Turkey’s GDP – around $170 billion.

Restricted Russian travel could cost its economy about $30 billion annually – a stiff price for Erdogan’s recklessness plus other measures costly him dearly.

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2 comments to Russia Imposes Economic Sanctions On Turkey

  • Deforest

    What about cutting gas supply to Turkey? Or is it too much? When it comes to the west sanctioning Russia they went at full throttle ans when it comes to punish the west ( Turkey obeys to the US) it is always cautious. If sanctions are not taken, Turkey, Israel and the US will keep on their terrorist actions.

  • JD

    What does it take for Russia to spill the truth about 9/11, I wonder.

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