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Report: Major European cities warned of possible terror attack during holidays

by Alex Thomas, Intellihub:

A statement released by police in Austria claims that an unnamed friendly intelligence service has put out an alert for several major European cities after receiving solid information of a possible impending terror attack.

According to CNN, the statement revealed that authorities believe the attacks would involve explosives and or guns and occur between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Police in Vienna have apparently already been investigating several possible attackers but have so far done so without finding “concrete further results.”

“Overall, this is a lead, which stipulates a higher than general abstract state of danger,” CNN quoted the Vienna police as saying.

In response, police across Europe have stepped up security precautions with increased police surveillance at public venues, most notably at key events and highly trafficked so-called “soft targets’ that would be the most likely target of would be ISIS terrorists.

“Among the precautions, police will initiate more thorough security checks, ensure quick readiness in case of an emergency, and increase vigilance in terms of empty suitcases and bags, Vienna police said in the statement,” continued the CNN report.

Interestingly, this new terror threat comes at a time when the United States has also seen increased terror threats and warnings, including mainstream media reports that thousands of Islamic suspects have been lost inside the country and President Obama randomly going on national T.V. to assure the public that all is fine.

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