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Pentagon Refused Orders to Back ISIS

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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3 comments to Pentagon Refused Orders to Back ISIS

  • Deforest

    Why is it that whistle blowers have no rights and Hirsh does? Could it be because he works for the government? Mr Hershey in what way Bashar al Assad is a dictator? What did he do that Obama didn’t? You are pro war, you are not diverging from mainstream when you are saying that America is not fighting the war in the right way. What is the right way then? To keep on waring because of commodities or the reduction of the population?
    I don’t see Hersh as a journalist but as a correspondent of the government. Who is backing him up? Why Manning or Snowden or Kiriakou are not backed up?

  • prana

    Good call about obama being a dictator, and I agree, calling Assad a dictator follows the us propaganda narrative.

  • prana

    Good call. Obama is a dictator.

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