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One in seven Americans depends on food banks to survive … Food collapse coming

by Daniel Barker, Natural News:

Around 46 million Americans now regularly depend on food banks and soup kitchens to keep themselves and their families from going hungry.

That figure accounts for one-out-of-seven people in the United States, and the need for these facilities is growing – despite the alleged current ‘economic recovery’ we hear so much about in the media.

And as our nation continues to spend millions per day on military operations in foreign countries, food assistance programs at home are being defunded.


“From November 1st, $5 billion was wiped off the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as a result of a planned stimulus withdrawal. Almost 50 million Americans who are supported by the program face an average loss of $36 dollars a month, which is a significant amount for those living near the poverty line. Additional cuts are also in the pipeline.”

Feeding America

Feeding America is a non-profit organization whose mission is “to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger.” The organization is “the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization,” and coordinates 200 food banks across the country, which are helping to meet the nutritional needs of 46.5 million people – including 12 million children and 7 million senior citizens.

Every four years, Feeding America publishes the Hunger in America report, the largest such study, which is designed to “help guide the development of programs and solutions that improve food security for individuals and their households and inform public awareness and policy development for addressing hunger in the United States.”

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8 comments to One in seven Americans depends on food banks to survive … Food collapse coming

  • Christine

    “One in seven Americans depends on food banks to survive … Food collapse coming”

    Whose fault? You voluntarily pay taxes and never inquired where they go.

    54% go to WAR, WAR, WAR (not counting 8.5 trillions from drug trafficking not accounted for). Get your priorities straight: feeding people who lost their job and need a new start here and now, feeding people who never did anything to you, were kicked out of their own countries and forced to relocated here or fighting people who never did anything to you by bombing the s**t out of their country and forcing them out?

    You pay for it all either way.

    Complicit by abstention… Get your priorities straight. Or STHO.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Yes, Christine,
      …the governments of the world spend OUR money as they wish, and we don’t have the elite power to control it. Especially at the (rigged) ballot box, or even if we vote “in” somebody “good”, the elites will give all the commands as to how our “new” representative will cast their votes and the common people still lose.

      The bottom line, is that we are LUCKY if we have a little bit of back yard or land where we can begin to grow enough food to feed ourselves and try to survive through the next 10 years, or perhaps 100 years. This may be the start of the new “Dark Ages”.

      As much as I get angry at all the evil, greedy psycopaths who are the elites that rule the world, I focus my energies on trying to support myself, grow a garden, stack some silver and survive what will come.

      If I can survive, then I can direct some of my efforts to saving some family members, friends or neighbors. But first I must survive to be able to help others.

      The most important thing normal people can do RIGHT now, is GARDENING, stacking and stocking the pantry. Get your AMISH ON.

    • Rdawg

      Christine, normally I find your posts enjoyable. But what’s this “voluntarily pay taxes” shit?

      Hint: if you don’t pay, you will find your ass sitting in jail. Or dead if you resist. I think it might be tough to raise my kid from a 6′ x 6′ cell.

      And “never inquired where they go”? To whom, pray tell, shall we plebes make this inquiry, hmmm?

      Your intro misses the mark this time.

  • Christine


    Yes, taxes are voluntary and yes, I could find my ass sitting in jail, just as Sherry Jackson Peel did (with young kids), and Joe Banister didn’t (by finding the right attorney). Both will still fight to the end though: IRS is powerful and armed. Anything strange with that? IRS is armed. Why?

    I am at a place where I can afford to tackle that fight: 60, grown up kid and nothing to lose. I picked that fight years ago and I will wage it. Know why? I absolutely know that, in the end, I will croak. It’s not a question of “if” but of “when”. And my kid will know I stood against something that made no sense.

    But I will also tell people that anything we stop feeding will die. When enough of us do, the beats WILL die.

    In the meantime, I refuse to participate in killing people who never did anything to me, bombing and destroying their countries on my dime and unknowingly, and supporting them when they are forced to seek asylum in the bombing countries who never said “NO” before it happened and paid for it all along, as it was going on, without a peep.

    From the IRS itself: filng taxes IS voluntary.

    “Steve Miller, former Director of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), admitted at a Congressional hearing that the taxes collected by the IRS are not mandatory — but voluntary.

    When questioned at the House Ways and Means Committee (WMC) hearing last week, Miller told House Representative Devin Nunes that “America’s tax system is ‘voluntary'”. When Nunes remarked for clarification that the US tax code is a “voluntary system”, Miller said, “Agreed.”

    House Representative Xavier Becerra commented that the ruse of the IRS is kept as a public confidence in the system scheme to keep Americans paying money to the IRS.

    Miller confirmed this is so.

    The shuffle at the IRS has landed Danny Werfel as the new acting director.”

    Filing taxes is so voluntary that Clinton doesn’t until caught, Gingrich didn’t until caught, Weidner didn’t until caught and the list goes on.

    Theirs were about CAPITAL GAIN, enormous profits, strictly listed in the code. Income Taxes? Trading your time to barely remain alive through a job? No tax code can even confirm that much! That’s what Sherry Peel Jackson and Banister are fighting for: if corporations can deduct their rent or mortgage and whatever they pay robots to keep working (salary) while not paying to keep robots in working order (food, health insurance, time off for repair) why do robots have to pay to keep themselves in working order?

    It’s called Social Contract. IRS came with banks and the federal reserve. It’s part of the system we are fighting.

  • Rdawg

    I agree; in principle. Ask Edwin Schiff how that went. Oops, he’s dead; chained to a prison bed until his last breath.

    My son is 9. I don’t think this kind of civil disobedience is in my future. I salute you that you have the fortitude to stick it to them.

    Coward? Probably. But this is how they control us. And you know what? It works.

    And by the way, I have long thought this is how they will get the guns. Confiscation? Pffft! All they have to do is outlaw firearms and impose a mandatory life sentence for anybody caught with one. That, and a $1 MUSD fine that cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. Your heirs must pay the fine. No father would take the risk.

    • Millicent

      It is “Irwin”… genius.

      Go lighten up. The cause of Global Warming:

    • Christine


      The list of issues to fight for or against is so long, pick the one(s) you’re comfortable with fighting. I always go back to the Catholic church and how it sold us all on the idea of taxes. Historically, taxes have always been levied by countries with hegemonic designs: the war machine HAD to be fed. And the church conveniently inserted something “Jesus’ allegedly said: “Give onto Caesar what belongs to Caesar.” Always had a problem with that: does it “belong” to Caesar or… to all of us? Whatever happened to everything “belonging” to God and us being only the steward of it all? How can anyone we won’t take with us when we die “belong” to us?

      Yes, paying taxes makes sense when they are used to promote civilization, crate schools, build bridges and roads, pay for research intended to serve all of us, assure that everyone is fed, clothed, educated, has legitimate work to do and doesn’t live like a pauper. It’s called contributing to the collective well-being. That’s good stewardship. Paying taxes so that the military can detonate bombs under the ocean and kill nature at will (nature we cannot live without), kill civilians, destroy country after country, topple governments and create mayhem everywhere, spay chemicals in the sky and experiment on unsuspecting humans and innocent animals is NOT good stewardship.

      When humans really understand the damages they are causing by their silence and obedience, they will refuse to participate. Hopefully, it won’t happen after 2/3 of the planet has been permanently destroyed.

  • Christine

    Oops… “How can anything we won’t take with us when we die “belong” to us?” Damn auto-correct…

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